Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Gold dipped DIY chair..

I am obsessed with DIY-ing it..
even though its not always the most cost effective.
I mean, I would have spent more, probably way more to purchase a chair like this but
don't you always feel like a DIY should cost you like "$7.98 and two hours! really that's it!"

This DIY wasn't too pricey but I did end up having to go back for a second can of spray paint so it hurt me more than I intended hah!

I was at the bible mission thrift store and saw this little chair..
it was just so cute!
it must've been from a bar or pub type thing because its slightly smaller than your average kitchen chair.
It was $14.99 and half off day so I scored it for $7.50 and right away I knew what I was going to do!
(it took me 6 months of letting it sit in the garage. but hey it was winter!)

I am THE laziest DIY-er.
I will not prep work anything!
I just do and hope for the best.
I could've sanded it down, I'm sure that would've cut down on the amount of spray paint needed..

^ I freaking LOVE the chalky finish spray paint from Krylon!
I have sprayed at least 4 major furniture pieces and they have all turned out gorgeous!
It holds up really well, sprays over any finish and comes in a bazillion colours now, which I am dying over! when I first found it, it was only available in a handful but when I went back last week they had more than a dozen colour choices.
All I did was spray the chair!
that's right
wash it down, allow to dry and lightly spray coat, allow dry time and keep repeating.

^ again the liquid leaf gold paint from michaels - amazing!
I've used this on so many projects!
^ you should wear gloves
I am so sloppy with painting so I should have known.

^ I didn't tape the legs off although you absolutely could (maybe should!)
 I really truly love the look of homemade imperfection.
so I eyeballed.
used a little paint brush and did the 4 leg bottoms in a gold dip style
I was actually planning on dipping the legs but they wouldn't fit in the tiny gold leaf container

I'm obsessed!
I think it turned out so beautifully!
the chalk spray paint is $12.99 a can, I needed 2.
gold leaf paint $11.99 (I already had so its a good project investment to have on hand)
chair $7.50
TOTAL: $50 approx.
so it hurt me a little more than anticipated but because I bought everything spread over months I don't feel like I invested that much into it! plus the joy of accomplishing a DIY!
that's worth a hundred dollars twice removed, am I right!?

I haven't decided where its going to go yet.
my plan was in Ell's room but I think its almost too nice to hide up there!
I am really pleased with the final look :)

and when your done there El, if you could do the dishes that'd be great...
do you think Swiffer would sponsor us?? ;)
I have a really cute video of him running around doing the floors

I just HAD to show off my new (but old, very old antique) pitcher and bowl
It is SO gorgeous I cannot stop looking at it.
sometimes I do worry that things make me too happy hahahh
It was gifted to me from a work friend who was de cluttering and I cannot say thank you enough!
They (a couple, we all work together) have a very cool eye and are always on the hunt for special pieces.

Its so pretty, I'm in love!

happy DIY-ing!


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