Monday, 20 June 2016

OPI Retro nail polish..

I was going to post about my DIY makeover thrift shop chair but I feel there's been a lot of home talk going on here lately so I wanted to get back to beauty today.
(see tomorrow for gold dipped legs! chair not human)

recently I was out shopping the hair and beauty life with my good friend Kate, she's one of those gorg hairstylist friends who you love to hate because they always look fab..
lolol I kid! you just love them, but they do always look fab!
AND you get to pick their brain about hair and beauty products so I think she may be my soul mate..

We were trolling the hair isles and I grabbed quite a haul which I have been using and LOVING.
I'm going to post a hair product update asap because I added a few new things that I cannot live without. (new hair spray. texturizer.)

When I spotted the OPI Retro summer collection and I knew I had to have it.
Kate had already picked up the full size yellow..
(hard colour to wear yes.. but how do you leave a shade like that behind?? imagine the yellow toes on golden tanned feet! so cute! actually I St. Tropez'd a couple of days ago and I have quite the golden glow on the go so I think I may have to do the toes today.. but my last toe shade was from a pedi and even though its chipped, worn and lived its life, I feel like I can't take it off until I really, really, really, get my monies worth. does anyone else do this??? had I painted them myself it would've been gone last week.)

I knew I would not be able to pick just one, so I got the mini collection and no regrets!
I have already worn all but one shade and its only been a couple of weeks.

Keep in mind I am a nail polish lover but I am no polish expert nor am I good at application so these photos are strictly for colour show off! don't judge my cuticles!

^ for some reason I HAD to have the pale orange colour!
not exactly flattering but it spoke to me..
aka adorably named.

Can't forget I'm getting a tan-gerine!
 towel me about it

sailing and nail ing

flip flops and crop tops
shockingly the only one I've yet to try is the one that first caught my eye!
the deeper red/orange/pink SPF XXX.
I think because its most similar to shades I already own so
A. why it caught my eye and
B. why I tried the others first
it will be next to bat if you want to see a photo I will post to IG! or tail it on the end of another blog post, who knows what one! you'll have to come back daily ;)
I really love OPI for their fearless shade range and long lasting polish.
I wasn't always their biggest fan but over the last couple of years I've seen major upgrades so..
In the event of you not caring about nail polish, I've added some photos of small people in big surroundings.. enjoy! XOXOX

and one BAB photo of Elli riding a turtle sandbox.

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