Thursday, 9 June 2016

Let's talk about painting, yardsales, de-cluttering and being on the Marilyn Denis show..

We moved back to Nova Scotia at the end of October 2015 but I've never really felt at home in this house. Which is weird because its a gorg house, there's lots of room and potential but alas I feel overwhelmed here.
I can NEVER find anything.

Maybe its because its much larger than the other homes we've lived in, so I have more places to stash crap and its all spread out and mangled on 3 floors..
I really don't know.
but I will tell you I much prefer a cozier home!
(I mean this house is not a castle or anything haha don't get crazy)
but everything in our last house had a place and a place for everything!

 I am slowlyyyy
very slowly, going through this home room by room and doing major purges and clean ups.
Its going to be a long process
so I decided to start with the least used room in the house..
the guest room! aka dropping ground/room I forget is even there I go into it soooo un-often.

My plan is to paint the walls, spray paint a thing or two, get a desk, make a collage wall (lots of pops of white, wait until you see the paint colour, it'll make sense)
and voila!
I will have a blog office/guest room.

I think this will be an upgrade from the laptop laying on its side behind the living room couch/my current pillow desk..

see before photos!

I really liked this wall colour, it was a pale minty green and very pretty
however it was the previous owners sons room and it was dinged/beat up enough that a fresh coat of paint would make the world of difference.

Soooo obviously my first instinct was to email the Marilyn Denis show and beg for a room makeover..
which I did.
which I never got a reply.
that was probably at minimum 6 months ago..
SO. I guess I will put on my paint clothes..
Thanks Marilyn..
I love Mar!

as you can see not much going on ^

I've really been into Navy blue lately!
 its my new black!

Most of our rooms are really light or shocker, grey.
so I decided it was time to get bold

 I'm a very, very lazy painter. don't judge.
Its going to need 3 coats for sure but I think I'm going to love it!
Its a little bit bluer than I would've wanted, I really love that deep navy
but once the photos are hung I think we will be all good

Elli was all in!
He is such a good helper and so much fun to be around now
everyone keeps asking me "terrible twos yet????"
I feel like it was terrible 1's and now he's getting independent and really communicating, I love it.

Once all is in place, I'm hoping to heat up the vlog lamps again!

other than that,
I am on my big purge
we had a small yard sale last weekend and the clothes flew off the shelves lawn..

I'm prepping for my next sale and its going to be MUCH bigger and better!
everything must go!

my one purchase from the community yard sale was this rocking chair from my neighbor
omg its freaking cute.

He actually loves it! ^
(it was rly cold that day haha)
I took all my yard sale money and did a little shopping trip to homesense.

I snatched up this mirror, on sale for $52
I am a mirror-o-holic!

and this super adorable chair $34
they had another at homesense bayers lake if you wanna hunt it down!
Next yard sale I will be extending the sale to my makeup collection ..
You would think more of anything would make you happy but I feel SO overwhelmed by all my stuff!
Its like I cant handle it anymore
I'm not using it and why shouldn't someone get joy from actually using it instead of me having a mind you, lovely, dust collector.
See the drawers below.
they're my
I never use this sh*t drawers
time to go!


Can you tell I've been reading books, listening to podcasts, etc etc etc
about living more authentically, simplistically, happily...
Its getting kind of cray!
I'm feeling like I'm my very own life coach!!

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  1. I lvoe navy. We have a navy accent wall and it's on of my favorites in the house.