Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Navy blue paint update!

Soooo, have I mentioned that the doctor recently concluded I have ADHD.
this does not surprise me and probably wouldn't surprise my close friends.

I can never complete a project, I get super hyped up, I make no sense probably 75% of the time because I can't get a complete thought out without thinking that whoever I am talking to has all the details that are in my head.. (but I haven't told them those details so I sound or am cray)

Does any of that even make sense??

Neither here nor there..
the main point, I don't finish anything.

So I am still working on the navy blog room!
good news, I finished one wall!!
bad news there's 3 to go.

the navy took 3 coats
I knew it would, I'm a stickler for making sure it will be 100% covered and streakless
(as streak free as possible any way)
I really, really love the navy!
I would love it more had I paid someone to do it so I could be enjoying it right now, but I digress..

I also really, really want a desk so I could prop up a little blog area (dare I say even a youtube filming area.. potentially some day it will happen again)
but we cant afford a desk atm so I got a grand idea..

I have this makeup vanity that was my grandmothers..

^ It is gorgeous and I LOVE it.
I don't normally mess with a good thing but in this case the 3 piece mirror that belongs to the top of the vanity was broke in transit so the vanity has been sitting like this.
again we can't afford to replace the mirrors right now so I got this idea that the vanity could be my temporary desk!
I had dreams of laying a large piece of glass on top of the vanity and mixing that modern sleek/antique chic vibe but again.. the money!
so while I was at the bible thrift store yesterday I came across this..

^ basically a table top?? desk top? chunk of garb?? I don't know
but I saw the potential and it was $3.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking love that bible thrift shop!
I don't want to spread the word because then all the good stuff will be snatched, but really truly its not "good" until you make it over and I'm hoping everyone reading this is too lazy to do that..
I'm too lazy!
I only do it for the blog content! hahahah
I kid

I also snatched this to be adorable little bench..
its in the making stay tuned.

Other than that I've been working on lots of pops of white to put with the navy.
I made an error with this one and had to re-do..

I thought this mixed metal spray would look cute over the black frame..

turns out NO.
it looked green-ish to me so I had to re-spray
what a waste of spray paint ugh!

^ once I did the white I was pleased
 you can't tell that the frame was black, then green, now white.
I also had the "make things happen" print from winners, I picked it up months ago in a pack of prints, super cheap.. I want to say $4 for two prints?
^ I'm typing while Elli has breakfast and Mar desperately waits for a crumb or two
OOOH I also picked up some more silver trays for my wall at the thrift store!
I cant wait to put them up!

make it a good day! XOXO

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