Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hello Sexy, Victoria's Secret annual sale and GlamGlow eyes..

This may be a tad scandalous but I'm going there..
a proper fitting bra is major! -ly important.
Its helps your clothes fall better, your posture straighter and your girls from floppin all around. lol
Well I think anyway..
I'm not formally trained in this but I've watched segments about it on talk shows for years.

My favorite bras seem to rotate every few years
It changes with weight and lifestyle.
for a good solid 4-5 years my favorite bra was a t-shirt type from Calvin Klein (try sears or the bay)
recently I picked up a couple from La Senza and I thought "oh yeah these are ok, I like."

THEN, I desperately needed a strapless so I stopped at Victoria's Secret and fell in love.
I always thought VS was over priced but really I think we can agree,
all good quality bras are over priced these days.
so I tired out a regular day to day bra from VS and a strapless..
they're now my favorite!
(on days when I can't get away with a sports bra anyway, my fav sports bra is one from lululemon I will dedicate it its own post)

I find the VS bra a little sturdier than the La Senza
its a little less grandma looking
and it has better lift (notice LIFT not PUSHUP, I want none of that push up..)

I have no photo of my strapless but its your basic run of the mill nude coloured strapless..
I am wearing it in the above photo ^ (far right)
it was a hot day
it was a long day
and I probably only adjusted maybe once over hours and hours of sweat and movement
Since I am a newly VS convert I thought I would share the news about their annual clearance sale.
I was in Halifax shopping center two days ago and VS was booming
I walked in and almost ALL bras were $19.99!!
I couldn't leave empty handed..
I choose some on a whim but so far am very happy with them!
tips for bra shopping:
Know your proper size!!
and check it often if you fluctuate weight
I had mine measured not long ago so I knew what size to get
La senza or VS can measure you
Big bust = big straps
(just my rule I don't know if this is legit)
I like a thicker strap and a 3 clasp or wide back
anything danty and string like will not hold me up
New $19.99 bras:

^ bottom bra I was skeptical of but there was a lady there buying them up so I asked her about them and she said she loves them! I like that its a V strap so I can wear it with tanks and it is comfortable for day to day.

^ I thought these little charms were cheese central at first but I'm kind of in love with them now ha!
So get to Victoria's Secret before the sale is over and try on try on try on!
you might find your dream bra for $19!
In other news I pulled out my Glam Glow under eye brightener pods the other day and I think I'll give them another whirl..
After one use I did see less puffiness and my under eye seemed brighter.
will keep you posted, I NEED something done with these eyes!
Its actually in my DNA, my 18 year old sister is puffy too so I don't feel too bad ;)

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  1. I love those glam glow eye mask things!! I've tried them before and they're great! Also love VS bras!