Monday, 6 June 2016

Let's talk about tattoos...

I have always wanted a tattoo
I've probably asked FB a billion times what artist I should go to BUT every time I'd chicken out..
I knew what I wanted
I had wanted it since I was 15 years old..
A horseshoe!
we grew up with horses and ponies at my grandparents house so I knew someday I would have a permanent shoe on me.
(one time our miniature pony walked on my foot and I had a temporary horseshoe shaped bruise...)
See Leona Lewis' tattoo above and that was the closest horseshoe to what I was picturing.
I always wanted it on my foot but as I got older I said YOLO lets get it on a more visible area.
The problem..
I hate them!
my body HATES them
I pass out always
belly button pierced = passed out
flat on the floor
colonoscopy = passed out
BTW a colonoscopy is the worst
I had one about 4 years ago, family health issues, so its nice to be proactive
but seriously..

^ they put that needle IV thing in my arm and sent me to the waiting room to well, wait. hahah
imagine being weak with hunger and deadly afraid of needles
I passed out 4 times that day...
I hit my head on the wall and I fell on the ground 4 TIMES..
So for me to get the nerve to finally do the tattoo was huge!
and really that's it!
my sister and I went together
see below for photos! :)

pre tattoo, naked skin!^
I look like garb, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I was about to puke...

^ I went first because I was SO scared

I had my vomit bag, I said I would def pass out..
turns out I was CRAZY
It barely felt like anything
I feel so silly for waiting 15 years lol
maybe its because I gave birth and after that scary insane birth story anything feels like a walk in a park.. I really cant say for sure.
but if you are hesitant and its something you really want I say GO FOR IT.

then it was my sisters turn^

I don't know if its her youthful skin or the fact that I went first so hers was perfected but my sisters looks SO much better than mine! hahahah
its actually hilarious
however, its the meaning behind it that matters to me
so I cherish that little distorted ink!

Holly and Poppy, barn living <3


  1. The sound of the needle in the video... that would give me nightmares! Good for you for doing something you'd wanted for so long! Love that you guys went together. :)

  2. I have two tattoos I want, but it freaks me out... not the commitment or having it etched on me forever, just the potential pain!

    I just had my septum pierced and it didn't hurt much, but when I sat up after I as so light headed, nauseated, and dizzy for the next 15 minutes... I'm worried how my body would react to the tattoo experience! O_o