Thursday, 16 June 2016

literally free white and gold DIY makeup brush holder.. twice recycled, repurposed, tin cans..

(does anyone now want a twice baked potato ^^^^^ ahaha)
Oh heyyyy
this me,

jogging soon!
just not right now..
I got distracted.
I am trying desperately to get my shiz together for a massive yard sale but I keep uncovering forgotten things and then..
while in the basement today, I found these forgotten spray painted tin cans!
remember my feature on Hometalk last year..
I had sprayed a few cans and never did really get to use the white ones, as I preferred the gold used in the hometalk article.
today I saw them and said hmm
what a waste, I think I will use those..

So I grabbed my washi tape
I had both on hand, so I just sat there and created!

stick a little tape
hastily brush a little leaf
and I have brand new makeup brush holders.
I had been keeping my most used brushes in a mercury glass planter which had a little handle on it
one day last week I picked it up by the handle and the glass piece came loose and shattered on my foot... it was tragic in so many ways.
my cute feet!
my brushes!
the mercury glass!

so these will do!
cute and cost effective! :)
Now get to crafting!.......

and don't forget to stop and snack!!...



  1. Yess girl! The coffee pots are such good makeup brush holders! I have one that I painted white last year and love it.

    1. Though looking at your cans, I think they might be better than coffee ones - mine has a lip on the inside that takes up a bunch of space