Monday, 27 June 2016

Kitchen update and maxi dresses..

at the thrift store last week they had a huge display of silver platters and I snatched them up ASAP!

the price range was $2-6 dollars, I needed just a few more to fill out my platter wall so I picked up 3 and wow am I ever glad I did!

See below!

^ I didn't realize how puny the above looked!
it seemed really full at the time but man those 3 extra realllllly filled it out

^ BAM!
I wasn't worried about shape or sizes I just grabbed whatever was available and it worked out that I put the two smaller ones to the right to balance and the biggest one to the left; perfection!

I'm even more obsessed with my wall now, which is hard to imagine because I literally will stop and stare at it mid day, mid night, whenever. .
I should be in fashion or design or something I know.. I'm super enthralled by colours, fabrics, shiny things..

^ like always I put my trays up using the 3M command strips
if they would just like to sponsor me already that would be so lovely because I use these puppies for EVERYTHING.
there is not a wall in my house that doesn't have a command strip on it, I am not lying.
they're SO handy and no nail holes!

Other than that I have been LIVING in maxi dresses..

^ 2015 gap maxi dress
my favoritesssss
love gap maxi's
I went looking for a similar version this year but I couldn't seem to find..

^ I've sold a bunch of my lulu lemon and I've got dollar bills to go to value village this afternoon

^ 2014 gap maxi!
I wish I could find more of these!
I may try the factory store, keep you posted

^ this one is similar though not as great.. but still lovable!
its old navy and they do seem to have similar styles this season

Andddddd I ketchup'd my white T last night so if anyone has advice about laundry send that my way!! I want to keep this one top white! I can never do it and is there anything nicer than a plain white T?! Help!



  1. umm now that I know how short you are please tell me your maxi dress magic, you look so chic but why are not they are dragging on the ground horribly like every one i have ever tried on?

    thank you!

    also your wall is gorgeous you can come decorate my apartment if you want...i can pay you in...friendship?