Friday, 10 June 2016

Leggings secret revealed..


I feel like this is me right now..


When this is actually me^^
But I feel like I just won the lotto!
we live 'em
we love 'em
we never take them off
Well if you're me that's a true quote.
I never take my leggings off.
I have short legs and a mom waist
I can never find pants, real pants, that fit me in every direction.
I have started to bring clothes to the tailor recently but still that will not be changing my legging life.
I wear them at home and to work and gym and groceries and girls nights and date nights and bed and..
hahah you get it.
thus far in life I have found LULU Lemon to be my go to legging store
they come in all styles, hold their shape and wash well, but they're hella pricey.
Over the last year or more I've been seeing ladies wearing these shiny leggings..
they looked comfy and would hold me in and they could be fancy! or casual!
I couldn't find them ANYWHERE.
I mean I went in stores far and wide asking for shiny leggings...
I had all but given up hope
I was at my hair appointment and the stylist at the next desk was wearing them..
so I asked Rachel
"Where do people get those shiny leggings??!!??!"
She said Garage.
I have been looking for two years!!!
I almost died.
then I ran my mom butt to the nearest garage
and they only had large!
normally I would say GIVE ME LARGE
but since I've been gymming my mind hasn't really caught up with my body and the sales lady suggested a smaller size, she said small.
WTF no I am not a small.
but she said that's what she was wearing and trust her they will have some give and be comfy.
since they didn't have any in store, we placed an online order right there and I got two pairs at the low low price of... 19.50$ a pair!
So I've been wearing them non stop and I think everyone needs to get a pair!
they're so comfy and so flexible to wear with any outfit/occasion!
I'm seriously a happy camper!
pretty sure this is the link to my pair, however she placed the order so browse the site a bit if you want to be shiny legging stylin' :)


  1. So glad you finally found them! And such a great deal too. I hate it when there's something that I'm looking for and I can't find it anywhere!

  2. Whattttttt I NEED THESE! I have a pair from Forever 21 that I have had for wayyyyy too long and they are too big but I still wear them lol. Need these. Asap.