Friday, 1 July 2016

essence lipstick review and swatches plus a mac dupe...

I was in dire need of some lipgloss the other day so I went to shoppers and immediately headed for the Maybelline or rimmell departments.. I picked up one or two which were about $11 each! yikes
and started to walk to the check out, when I got distracted...

essence lipsticks $3.50 each...
why don't I ever stop at the essence display??!
why am I such a make up snob??!
So I hurriedly put back my pricey lipgloss and started thinking of how many lipsticks/glosses I could get for the price of one of the other!
of course I got suckered into the lipsticks because that's my jam but I did pick up a couple of gloss as well :)

The lipsticks are SO creamy, so smooth to apply, so long lasting, the perfect fade away formula - no weird faded lipstick areas.. they're basically the dream lipstick and they're like $3.50!! wtf
^ I applied the blush my lips before work last week and 6 hours later (right)
after one mild reapply it was still so good!

the shade selection is perfection
they have bolds to nudes and all inbetween
I even will go as far to say I think blush my lips is a pretty close dupe for mac's girl about town
in the tube they look slightly different
essence being a little more red
but see below swatches and they're very very very similar in wear

I love my girl about town but the blush my lips I have been grabbing even more often!
maybe its just the novelty
I feel like I'm wearing a bargain lipstick ahaha

I'm not even sure the price of mac lipstick now but its at least $19 if not more and the essence (I'll say again..) $3.50!

I also grabbed two of the XXXL lip glosses
and I really like them!
the pink is a bit baby pink against my spray tan skin so I think it would be more suited on a fairer complexation or a natural darkness skin tone.
I look pretty orange if I don't wear the proper lipstick colour with my tan haha
but still, cannot go wrong with the price and the clear gloss is my GO TO for all gloss needs
they're very watery and very shiny
its not like a game changing lip gloss but its a fair equal to many more expensive glosses

ignore my lovely arm hair..
I am sometimes tempted to laser hair removal it but I sort of like it
its just a part of me, be still my heart
plus these photos are ramping it up, its not that bad lol

I highly highly recommend if you hit up shoppers and find yourself reaching for the expensive lipsticks to step back and try the essence. its been a life changer discovery for me!

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