Sunday, 19 June 2016

How to dress up your outdoor living sitch...

I am not a green thumb..
I have zero interest BUT
I loooooove flowers!

I always have fresh flowers in my kitchen
(I know its crazy.. they die. but I LOVE them, they make me feel so happy... let me have my flowers people! pick some up next time you're at the grocery store & you won't regret it)
every year I get flowers for my outdoor space, shove them in a pot and feel great about my gardening skillz..

this year I also really, really wanted some new outdoor pillows.
I know I am not the only pillow obsessed person.. #PILLOWLIFE

we happen to have a bench on our porch but even had we not I would have bought pillows and stacked them in the corner... or to not run the risk of them blowing away I would've picked up some sort of tin wash basin or basket to prop them in.
there is just something about pillows, they're like art!

I looked for MONTHS, not lying, months for the perfect outdoor pillows.
pillows ain't cheap, I didn't want to commit unless they were the one.. the five..

I thought I wanted pinks and purples.. our house exterior is grey so I wanted something unique and with a pop to it! turns out pink and purple may be too unique (maybe I am ahead of the game.. next season it will be everywhere) because I could not find any purples or pinks to save my life!

I was getting discouraged..
patio season was upon us.

then I was browsing my good friend (imma say good hahah Lauren!)
Laurens blog..
House of Hire
she was talking about deck décor,
I left a comment addressing my pillow struggles and she told me some spots to hit up.

patio pillows were found!

but they're not pink nor purple???!!!!
sadly, I had to let the p's go.
it wasn't happening.
those black!!!
omg I die.
they were too good to ignore.
Oh I forgot to tell you where I found them..hahahah oops
BOUCLAIR !!!!!!!!!!
they had a red collection, a yellow, a green, turquoise and of course the black!
so I grabbed a little piece of a few and bolted to the check out because they were also having a 20% off outdoor collection sale.
I am obsessed.
its sort of ludicrous how happy pillows can make a person..
any whoo, these are just a couple of before p's photos
the flowers look good!
maybe a tad extreme on the amount of vases but I haven't had a second to spread them out yet.

then the life of the party walked in..
they're so pretty!

upgraded to first class ^
check out my kitty in the window
they're photo bombing almost every photo I take
(we have 3 cats..)
spot the cat napper?^

^ ok this was also at bouclair and I wanted it so bad!
why don't people buy me stuff like this???
I feel silly when I have to purchase it for me..

^ out on our back deck theres a similar situation happening aka not much but some day it will get pulled together! I think lights are a must!
these are from Walmart and they're the perfect oversized bulb!

^ You can never go wrong with a barrel type planter!
I have gotten so much use from this one.
in summer it gets plants and in fall I put it on the front step, flipped over like a little table and put burlap and mini pumpkins, etc on top.
so cute!

that's it!
go get your pillow game on

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  1. Hahahha you crack me up! But omg what a score, I have been eyeing those black and white ones as well, they are so gorg and hard to pass up! Looks perfect!