Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Blush strokes..

*First off let me preface this by saying I HATE DOING THIS TO PEOPLE.
Sephora you are killing me right now.
this is my new favorite blush palette, I went online at this very moment to link it in this post and it seems the palette is no longer available AND I could not find these exact colours for individual sale.

this may be an error
maybe you can find them yourself, maybe try a different approach..
I just know I spent 10 mins searching (that's all I can spare with an Ellibelly 2 year old around)
I am sorry.

Where we can go from here is to be like,
"Heyyyy I LOVE Tarte blushes! if you have a chance to try them or buy them ASAP before they leave the internet.. you totally should!"
I love tarte products in general so here's the link to Tarte stuff:
I am suppose to be on a shopping freeze but a few weeks ago when I saw this palette I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.
I couple of years ago I splurged at Christmas and got the tarte pin up girl blush palette. (see far below pics, now or just wait and get thurrrr whenev)
I loved that palette!
I always knew I would love tarte blush even before I ever tried it.
I could tell by the reviews and blog swatches that it was a creamy, great colour selection and I just hadn't got around to picking an individual colour yet.
So already in love with the blush I bit the bullet on the Tarteist palette and DO NOT REGRET.
Its my favorite blush selection by far and I cannot stop wearing it.
I fear I may actually hit pan in this palette!

The packaging is gorgeous!
I love this so so so much more than the pin up girl package.
The tarteist is so slim, light weight and I am a sucker for those pink flowery brush stroke things.

Live, laugh, love, dream
but I don't care
I love those colours with all my heart!
I started off using dream on the daily but now I cannot give up live.
It is soooooo summery, looks great on tanned or fair skin
*laugh is the only sparkly of the bunch, I don't dislike it but the lights at work are so harsh I have to stick to the mattes or I will glow

I cant get enough!
I went to find photos of me wearing live and since its been all I've worn, the below photos are just the daily "Live"ing I've been doing..

*toilet photobomb..
I'm done cropping, I told you!
plus we talked about colonoscopies last post.. we know each other ;)

side by side
pin up girl 2014
tarteist 2016
love how they slimmed it down in every way!

Pin up girl palette 2014^

those colours!!
I got SO much use out of this palette, it was still my go to before I got the tarteist.
the only shade I barely touched was the nude on the end
I never really know how to use nude blush..

that's that!
happy blushing <3


  1. Haha funny, the nude is the blush I've used most in the pin up! I combine it with other colours to tone them down if they're too cray. I do hate the packaging though - so bulky! The tarteist is sooo much slimmer and prettier. Can I also say that I appreciate that they printed the names of the blushes on the palette?

  2. This is goorgeous! I find that really awesome products are selling out so fast on Sephora! Not sure why they are so limited edition. Glad you snagged this one though.

    Raincouver Beauty