Sunday, 26 June 2016

Double dutch braid and the whitest of white nail polish..

Are you ever like,
"hmmmm how should I style my hair today??"

I think that for about 4.7 seconds per day then go with the pony or the down and brushed through look.. its not for lack of wanting!
but with my hair extensions up do's take too much time and effort, I have to spend all my time covering up the tape ins and its a nuisance.

So I stick to simple.
what's anymore simple than a braid or two though eh?
natta that's what.
especially dutch braids!
once I learned to dutch braid I swear my life changed!
its SO easy but I feel like its the grown up lady braid. (sexy women braid vs cutesy baby braids haha)

see dutch braid basics Here! from my girl Kate
(it may seem intimidating but trust me its SO simple. just French braid but reversed, its really truly easy)

I did a double dutch braid half updo, see below for photos!
(awkward photos to follow, I find it very hard to act natural whilst telling myself to act natural..)

TBH I've done this look many times but I was reminded of it via my other girl (though not as tight..)
Fleur DeForce, if you watch the video below you can see her braid duo at 3:05
 I braided one dutch braid on either side, pulled the hairs from the braid to be a bit looser and completed the half updo securing it with bobby pins.

I'm not hugely fancy with my looks as I like them lived in, but depending on your preference you can make it very loose and beachy with texture spray or take the time to make it sleek and polished (as long as you have enough grit for your bobby pins to hold)
Bam, done, new day, new look.
So then I also wanted to show off my new nail polish find which I had been in search of for YEARS.
a solid SOLID SOLID white nail polish!
seriously its been tough, I hated to waste money on another sheer polish but I took a risk and it was worth it.

Blanc by Essie!
finally a opaque white!

I topped it with my favorite Essie top coat "good to go"
I love how fast this dries and how long lasting it makes my polish
Happy day!! XOX
^ I have so many pics that look like this....
that nail polish tho!

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