Monday, 13 June 2016

Keep those makeup brushes fresh and clean!

I looooooathe brush cleaning day,

but I loooooove the end result!
and since I picked up the Beauty Blender solid cleanser I don't mind brush day as much...
The cleanser looks like a little hockey puck, costs $22 at Sephora and I use it to clean all my makeup brushes, sponges. super quick and easy! no smell or residue, just fresh and clean clean.

^ when you wanna apply makeup but the thought of those nasty brushes touching your skin makes you cringe.. check!
^ get the brush cleaner!

^ mine has been well loved, I have been using it for at least a year. I don't stick to a hard brush cleaning schedule, although I should..
^ run warm water and swirl brush in cleaner.
rub brush in palm of hand to make foamy, then rinse clean.

^ repeat to all dirty brushes
my main culprits are the foundation, blush and powder brushes.
my eye brushes aren't used as often so they can go a little longer.

^ lay out a clean towel
brush fluffy party of makeup brush back and fourth on towel gently to soak up excess water.
and allow to dry overnight!

^ this was my favorite necklace (from things engraved, Bedford place mall..)
until Elli got into my Ruby woo lipstick one night.
since its been sitting..
I figured worth a shot to try the BB cleanser..

^ It actually worked like a charm!!! whooooooot
I wouldn't recommend using this technique on pricy or heirloom jewelry but I was at a loss as what to do with this necklace. soooo happy it's saved!

^ a little scratched, which could have been from Elliott or the cleansing.. we will never know!
but it adds charm I think ;)

to me fresh brushes are the equivalent of freshly shaved legs on clean sheets..

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