Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hits and Misses..

So many things throughout the day will either please me or make me say bleh.. ... ..
here's a few of each ------------------ >


HIT: LOVE the makeup forever water blend foundation 
I keep saying it.. but its so unusual from any other foundations I've used and as someone who likes a non full coverage I can't get enough.

HIT: I saw Bad Moms last night and it was HILARIOUS.
some moments where you really LOL.
MISS: I saw Ghost Busters and there were some moments where I little lol'd but then there was a big boring chunk where I wanted to fall asleep or leave.
Definitely a 50/50. I would wait and watch it at home, don't waste the movie theatre popcorn on that one.

I thought this girl was absolutely hilarious though ^
and a Hemsworth bro.. yeah. can't go wrong ^

HIT: Sea Glass spray paint!
Obsessed love!
Can't say enough good!

HIT: MR. EL has my knees and he knows it lol

HIT: He chases Mar around and stands by her to get hit with the tail then he laughs and laughs..

See there were a LOT of hits!
See the video for more :)

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