Friday, 15 July 2016

July Favorites...

Guess what, guess what!??!?!?!??!

THIS IS MY 200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot  believe I've had 200 things to talk about.. hahhahh
and yet I can believe it..

so thank you to one and all who have stopped by and hung out with me through this weird, crazy blogging endeavour.  I love you all to pieces.

now onto the news..
my favorite things as of late..


Real Techniques buffing brush - lawtons
Essie Blanc polish - shoppers
Mac painted sunset lipstick - mac
NYX mat rouge in merlot - shoppers
Moroccan oil hair spray in medium finish & dry shampoo in dark tones - see your local salon

St. Tropez in 1 hour express (which I let leak onto my white quilt.. ) - Sephora
all the below, guys frenchys Sackville!


  1. Great favorites! I just tried out the Moroccanoil Dry shampoo and loved it to!

  2. Great post! And congrats on the 200th post!!! Also, I'm so jealous you have Frenchy's. We have one in St. John's but it is total crap and never ever has anything good. It's also tiny so for that, I envy you.