Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Birthday party planning...

So I'm on vacation this week and time is flying by..
I'm not working, yet I don't have a second to respond to anything or relax, its sort of BS hahahh

I'm in full on birthday mode and even though he's only turning two and its not a big deal, I am the type to get detail obsessed. I get so detail obsessed that I actually nail everything down to a T then forget to put it out on party day.. or run out of time and it never gets used.. see the story of my life.

I started putting up the party décor a few days ago because I wanted to make sure it got out and so far so good! nothing has fallen or been eaten by a cat.

Since we're going Carnival theme, I made these pinwheels and they're SO cute! I'm going to have to put them somewhere after the party because I will not throw them out!
all I needed was scrapbook paper and hot glue (which I had both)
fold the paper like a fan.
fold fan in half.
hot glue sides together.
do to another piece and glue those sides to original fan.
stretch out to pin wheel.
It sounds hard, its not. but it is time consuming.
the fish idea I had gotten from pinterest as well..
unfortunately, or fortunately I couldn't find fish or anything alike for a reasonable price so while walking around Walmart I spotted these bubble baths from finding nemo and I saw potential!
something kids actually need, something parents would probably buy! sold!

then, if you know me you know I love a homemade t-shirt!
so I'm making Elli a
2 quit
shirt to wear to the party..
these little $9.99 kits from Walmart are my favorite thing!
you make the photo or wording you want, print it out, iron it on.
they're so cool ( dorky but cool )
we ran out of ink so I haven't ha a chance to print yet..
thennnnn for party prep we needed a hair cut..
man oh man this kid hates hair cuts..
but this time I stood back and let the lady do her thing.
I didn't comfort him and I wasn't within clawing distance, low and behold he calmed down and sat through a cut!
its the best cut he's ever had because she could actually see what she was doing!

we decided on a little faux hawk so he would be fancy when turning two ;)

We go to ZSA ZSA's in Bedford commons because they have the full on kid swag
cars, tvs, toys

afterward he was a little hammy

I am STILL working on my navy room!
I bit off more than I can chew for this one I think..
I had so many projects on the go, but I am happy to say the room is finally looking like a room again!
Its not complete but as you can see its shaping up!
keep you posted once I (if I) get it finished.

I'm not in love with it and I had to add the pops of pink because of that giant purse photo that's hanging on the other wall (non shown, I will get a photo for you in the next post)

I like the pink and navy I just don't know how to make it look more grown up!
someone help me!



  1. Your little man is so cute! The party looks like it's going to be great. As for the room, I think a headboard could really add a nice touch to the space. A solid wood one or even a fabric one might be nice. It would dress the bed up a bit. Just a suggestion - happy decorating!