Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Vintage shopping in Mahone Bay..

I started out yesterday with a road trip and it turned into an even better road trip once we got tripping! 

^ ready to beach! 

We started off just heading to Queensland beach, more on this bikini in an upcoming bikini haul! 
The beach was fab and beachy of course! 

Elliott loved it! ^ even though it was freezing! 

After a stint at the beach we decided to keep going and head to Mahone Bay! 
We took the long road around and drove through Chester etc. 

Secretly I had alternative motives for wanting to head to the bay! 
A coworker had told me about this little vintage/antique shop that they had stumbled upon recently and I desperately wanted to get my eyes in that place! 

It's was a teeny tiny little store but it was jam packed with goodies and I only wish I had more moola because I would've been in throwback heaven! 

What I did snag was this adorable 4 piece plate set.. 

I got the set for $20 and I knew I wanted to hang it on the wall just off my kitchen in the mud roomish area.. 
To do so I had to flatten the back so I rigged up a contraption.. 

I cut circles out of foam board

I hot glued the circles to the back of the plates (I knew this was the plan I'm not ever planning on not hanging the plates so I went full on hot glue!) 

Then I used (my favorite!) command strips to attach the plates to the wall. 

I FREAKING love them! 
I love them I love them I love them! Eeek

Then I got.. And again this may be weird but I'm SO into vintage shopping as of lately.. Anything special, one of a kind, brand name, high end, I'm like going to be on the antique roadshow if I get anymore into this.. 

Anyway I saw a green skirt and it was STUNNING. God. I loved that skirt. I tried it on and it was so. Teeny. Tiny. I cried. 
It wouldn't go near me. 
I don't even have a photo. 
I must've said four times on the drive home that was the skirt that got away hahahah 

So then I tried on this skirt.. 

Adorable right?! 
But where will I wear this.. 

Then I saw it.. 

The weirdest circus tent clown wrap skirt ever.. 
I was like "omg!"
Then this other lady snatched it up! And was like ooooh I like that so much blah blah.  She hummed forever over it finally opting to leave it because it didn't fit, then I grabbed it and said wth I'm getting this weird one of a kind thing hahahah 

It's not everyone's cup of tea.. 
It's not flattering on me at all.. 
It adds about 15 pounds.. 
It weighs about 15 pounds.. 
But I freaking love this weird wrap skirt! 
It's so neat and unusual. 
When I wear it out and tell people it's vintage they will probably think I'm super cool heheh

I'm dressing this thing up and down! 
I plan on getting my $30 worth! 
It was $75 but was on mark down at the little shop so I feel I got a bargain because on etsy they have it for $57! 

So then we had some lunch, it was delish fish and chips! But the little man was exhausted so we headed home and did a bunch more stuff which I will save for another post since I'm rambling on! 

This is me right now ^^ to the right.. 

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  1. First of all, I recently discovered your blog (despite following you on Instagram) and I may or may not have read back through all your old posts because I love it so much. I just love how real and authentic you are! And I'm a little disappointed that you no longer live here in Newfoundland. But anyway, the point of this comment is that I love those plates and how you styled them!