Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday stories..

I had, had, had to stop by today and show off what I found last week while looking for my fabric at the fabric store winners..

ISN'T IT phenomenal?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
its at least 3 feet tall and wide.
It is SO cute and funky, it makes my heart flutter a little bit tbh. 
 wait till you see the price...
$40! from 169!!
oooooh its just so cool!
I'm going to hang it in my navy room (not because I think its necessarily the best place to hang it.. but because where else am I going to hang something this massive?? I have no walls left!)
so that made my week!
Other than that I had to go get my tattoo redone and it was easy peasy..

if you are scared of getting a tattoo and that is all that holds you back
trust me, you can do it, its not too bad :)

my tattoo ^ is a horseshoe on the "wrist" area hahah

I had a yard sale today and it was no street sale I will tell you that!
It was freezing outside and I didn't take the time to advertise all that well so I am left with a lot of odds and ends to hang onto until the next one..
I'll be frank I only made $65 dollars today! boooo
during the street sale I whipped together a bunch of crap and made over $200!
so its all about the timing.. live and learn

Elli thought the snow scraper was a broom and it was so cute!
he kept sweeping the driveway haha

this romper tho ^
H&M $19.99!!
I am the romper queen this season! Queen I tell you!
I have 6!!!!!!!! 6 freaking rompers hahaha
that's a lot of time spent trying to get in and out of them for peeing..

this kid is such a dirty boy, ick.
he found a dead moth and brought it to me the other day.
I would've preferred flowers...

I ate these AH-mazing cupcakes from Miss Kate's Cakes the other day and I say cupcakes because I ate two.. they were for a cowork party of like 12 but I needed two, OK...
I'm sorry to all who didn't get one.. I will make betty crockers..

Even when he tries to use his right hand his lefty just wants to take over.. hehe

also, was proud to pick up this miss potato head at the bible thrift for $1 the other day..
Elliott loves it..

but turns out she didn't come with any feet but she came with like 5 arms...
Elliott didn't seem to mind and he decided arms could be legs.. omg hahaha
any whoo that's my week!!

whats up where you are??!?

Happy Saturday!!

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