Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kiehl's swag bag, under eye puffs and what I'm wearing..

I am always super nosy as to what people get in swag bags..
what's a swag bag? swag bag def

basically what did I get from attending the bloggers breakfast at Kiehl's ..?? see below!

such a generous haul!
the nice part was that during the breakfast we each got to speak one on one with a Kiehl's expert and they customized our goodies to actually fit our skin needs.
we filled out a little check list to narrow down what problems were in high priority:

(my under eyes are the bane of my lifeeee)

the skin care, wash, toner, moisturizer were perfect!
very gentle, rich and lightly scented

the face wash was actually eerily similar to the face wash I have been using for years now..
Marcelle gentle foaming wash has been my go to for at least two years and I give it major credit for changing my skin, praise!!! (find the marcelle at shoppers drug mart, I believe its $14.99)

very similar! ^^

The Kiehl's oils are what I am SO excited for! yet to use so keep you posted but the blue smells so relaxing and while at the breakfast someone mentioned how calming it is and how it would make an excellent addition to bath water! (not that you could afford to put it in bath water but maybe if you were feeling glamourous one time! haha)

I think the eye treatment is going to be goooooood, this may be the item I keep going back to get!
Its super rich and creamy, you only need a teeny tiny bit and it feels like it lifts and firms but sinks totally in, no greasy residue.

speaking of eyes I tried these Klorane eye patches for a second time and I really like them as well. the only problem is you wear them for 20 mins which is a tad too long for me and I don't know where to buy them? I think I got them in a top box and I have no idea where to repurchase!
let me know if you know!

Can't go wrong with the kiehls body butter. its delish!
now onto Canada Day!
Whadup Canada?!!!!

I actually had two Canadian outfits but I only photograghed this one so here it is:
This romper Old Navy
which I do own in black and chambray because it is amaze!

my heart sunnies are from winners $12.99 but hit or miss for location/availability

and my bandana is from garage $6.99
its a super light weight fabric and very stylish for head wearing, or neck or some other accessory like tying onto your purse etc!

That's it! happy Saturday!

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