Wednesday, 6 July 2016

our day in words and thrift shop finds..

We started the day yesterday with breakfast..
Elliott's been starting to get picky with his piece of toast and fruit combo so I switched it way up and gave him a bowl of rice crispies, which he loved!

really its less about getting him to eat and more about switching things up so he can get as independent as possible. I'm not going to be catering to his picky food tastes so he's going to have to learn to like it or wait until lunch time but I want him to be fluid with forks & spoons alike so the cereal seemed like a good (maybe messy) stepping stone to me being 100% free of feedings!
(I mean I will prep the food!a hahah I won't make him step up to the stove! but I want him to be able to eat everything unassisted)

little tidbit that's freaking me out: He is left handed!! Its so weird! how did I get a lefty?!
then we hit up the gym, I went to Zumba class and he went to the daycare which he loooooves.
seriously if you can swing $30 a month (only the childcare, not membership so it is super pricy all together), I know its a lot, but we go enough to make it worth it and Elliott LOVES going to the daycare there (goodlife). sometimes I go to the gym just for him, I spend my time slowly biking or walking just so he can have his play date (and be real, so I can have alone time lol).
anywhoo then we (me) decided to go to the thrift store..
I'm on this major thrift kick!
Its got me hooked
I love the thrill of not knowing what I will find
and find things I can!
seriously I could've come home with a million things yesterday!
I had to restrain myself because we have no where to house it all.
I am actually so wrapped up in trying to become a person who re-does old things...
up-cycled things, yes, love!!!
(i'm giving away all my secret places, what these old things.. bible thrift shop..)
 I didn't take photos of anything good!
I was too wrapped up in the good things to think of the blog but I will share the photos of what I did snap, see below!

it doesn't look like much but we need a filing cabinet so this was tempting me! $8
and the drawers were in perfect condition, I was thinking I would spray paint the rest..
god now I really wish I had got this...

I had been looking at this desk for SO long! it got marked on special $5.95!
Its very large otherwise I would've snatched it for elliotts room.

MANOLOS! lololol
when my eyes first grazed them I did a head snap!
Sex and the city!!
I was tempted just for the emotional value.. $3.95
seriously they were never worn, I wonder why someone gave them up lol

then we hit up the toy section and I could NOT get him to leave..
I'm on the hunt for a water table so I was holding out hope I would find one here but no such luck.

this adorable marble cutting board.
Its tiny ( like slightly smaller than a magazine) but its heavy as lead and its already come in handy for blog photos!:

gorgy! ^

and lastly I NEVER thought I could be this person..
I am SO SO creeped out by wearing other peoples shoes.. but for some reason my fears are dissolving and this is the second pair of second hand shoes I've bought over a couple of weeks..
Its not that these sandles are too die for or anything but they just seemed so practical for a few events I have coming up this summer. they have a nice thick block heel and are the perfect nude shade to keep my legs looking long (lol long.. long for my leg length)

they were only $3.95..
So I could spend $4 today or probably $70 in a shoe panic 3 weeks from now..
they work!

how about thrift shops???
do you do them??
could you do shoes??
I'll work up a what i'm wearing post for all the thrift clothes I've bought over the last little while.
I feel weird "modeling" on the blog but I LOVE when people try on clothes instead of a stock or flat lay photo so I will swallow my pride..


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  1. I don't thrift purely because it's so hard to do without car access! Getting there, dragging everything back home...pain in the butt. You found some really great finds though!!