Monday, 1 August 2016

Thrift tales: funiture and outfits..

I was at Bible thrift and saw this little bed side table..

I knew I already had too many night stands but it was SO cute!
as soon as I see a furniture piece I already know what I want to do with it, and then I cannot resist.
its a disease.
I still had some Rustoleum coral spray paint at home so I set out to the back yard and went for it!

the easiest fix in the world!
I sprayed the body coral and the handles with a seafoam
Originally I was planning on selling this one because I really don't have the space but once it was finished I was too in love to part ways.
$6.95 table
$11.00 spray (I already had the spray so this doesn't count for me ;))

Next up was this bar stool.
there's just something about bar stools that I love!
they're so freaking cute and this one was so vintage-y but in mint condition.
minus all the dust! it was clearly in someone's grandmothers basement ..

All I did was remove the seat and spray paint the bottom with the Rustoleum seafoam colour.
I love the camel colour top, its super soft and cool looking so I wasn't about to mess with a good thing and start recovering.
I was going to sell this one too but I have this addcition.. its called I love to hoard all things hahahh

then at Guys Frenchys I came across the cutest shirt dress and it was brand new!
tags attached!
I mean just because the tags say $78 doesn't mean someone paid that but it still makes me feel like for the $4.50 I spent I really got a steal of a deal!

I paired it with a belt when wearing alone because it looked better with a pulled in waist but later on I left the belt at home and headed to the movies with just the dress, some flip flops and a jean jacket on.
oh and a bright red lipstick!
it was a super easy cool style ;)


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