Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lets talk about cape coats, cape coats, cape coats!

For the last 2 years I have had a obsession.
Capes, capes, capes its all about the cape!
They're easy to wear, compliment every outfit, and sooo comfortable.
So while browsing in H&M recently I eyed this..
Just seeing it on the hanger you can tell how beautiful it is,
its the kind of garment that will look fabulous on anybody.
I frantically looked through the sizes..
No Large.
Omg panic ensued.
I picked up a Medium and a XL, ran to the fitting rooms..
And then breathed a major sigh of relief because the Medium was perfect.
They're made to be oversized and cozy but the large probably would've been too oversized because I am so short.
*The shopping angels were on my side that day.*
Its been over a month and I have not taken this thing off.
I honestly wear it everywhere.
Playing outside with baby, putting up Christmas lights,
over my Pjs while running to the grocery store to get milk,
to girl guides...
Where the cape fashion might just be a tad bit out of their league,
they all noticed it immediately and had a lot to say but it was more along the lines of..
"That jacket looks like something a lady in old times would wear.."
"Wow that jacket, you look very debonair.."
Yes she said debonair..,
I'll take it. 
Once I tell you how much I paid for this little gem I feel like there will be a mad dash of readers running to H&M.
You would think maybe I paid $69.99.. something along those lines.
Whenever I get a good deal I feel like this lady ^^
I've got more than my $29.99 worth out of it even if I decided I hated it and threw it away tomorrow,  but I just don't see that happening because we are in mad love.

*The sales lady at H&M said they were selling out fast!
 I already looked at the H&M website and could not find it,
however I did find it on Pinterest so you can admire it there.
and its worth a shot stopping by H&M they may have some more in stock or something similar!

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