Sunday, 21 December 2014

Let's talk about Ipsy Ipsy Bo Bipsy..

Decembers Ipsy bag arrived!! 
Whoop whoop 
I was pretty happy about it! 
Let's review 

^ Love that this months bag had some rare and more highend-ish products
aka Tartes lights camera lashes mascara I've been wanting to try this forever!
Also I was happy the make up bag was a slightly different shape this month,
longer and not as tall more of a pencil case shape.
I don't know what I'm going to do with all these small makeup bags come the end of the year but
we're going down south in the Spring so I was thinking I could fill some of them up and leave them for the resort employees
 (just a thought if you have surplus make up bags hanging around.)

^ Yayayy Tarte!
I love Tarte products, their Amazonian clay blush is THE BEST
and I ordered the new eye shadow palette that was just released.
I am soooo excited for it, I was hoping it would arrive before Christmas but
it hasn't so now looks like I will have to wait till the New Year to try it boo.
So I tried this once so far, the photo evidence is posted at the end of this blog and
I was excited for it. I mean it didn't WOW thrill me, but really I think we can all
agree a mascara is a mascara is a mascara no?
So high end or drug store I cant find much of a difference
but I am going to keep this on my go to list.

^ Yayy NYX
This lip butter glides on smooth and feels moisturizing
my only slight complaint is the colour is a bit too cherry red for me
since the balm is so buttery if you don't look in a mirror while applying the
red will easily be all over your face.
A nice light pink would've been less maintenance-y
but it is thumbs up. 

^ Pixi pixi pixi
I enjoy this colour, I enjoy this product,
what I don't enjoy is the applicator.
The WORST eye shadow applicator of life.
You screw off that green wand and there is a little Q-tip
style nub on the end that's suppose to pick up product and you smear on eye.
Except it barely picks up products and it falls all off the nub by the time you reach you face.
What a mess.
I just smeared some on my hand and used a eye shadow brush to sweep across my lids,
 I feel like that wastes product.
There has got to be a better way Pixi, tisk tisk.

Never heard of it??
Also am I the only one terrified to try new face washes?
My skin is looking A-OK right now and I'm about to head home for Christmas
so I wasn't about to do a test run and risk breaking out in hives or bumps.
Stay tuned for a review.
I was probably most excited for this.
I LOVE having spare eye lash curlers, if I could only do one beauty related thing for the rest of my life I would choose to curl my eye lashes everyday.
I was thrilled, it had a very wide opening, all my eye lashes fit in perfectly!
I squeezed, released then looked in the mirror and almost passed out.
Take a look at the photo below.
^ Check out the inner corner lashes to almost mid eye.
They're half the length of the rest of my lashes.
I kept looking in the mirror shell shocked,
I honestly was having a panic attack, unable to move.
Then I had to get a grip and get over it because there is no putting em back on!
I was just going to have to go with the short lash flow
 (and maybe pick up some fibre mascara when I get to Sephora!)
I don't know if I was pumping the curler too hard?
I may be just as responsible as the curler but
all I know is I've been too terrified to try it again
since I want to hang onto what lashes I have left for the holidays.
Its such a shame because first impression I was THRILLED
purple colour, nice wide rim that fit all my lashes end to end of eye.
I think I will give this curler a whirl again after the holidays
I will just make sure to start with a light pump and not a
full on squeeze.
*** Beware have you not tried yours yet!
^ The complete look
Tarte Mascara, Pixi eye shadow, NYX lip butter
and half trimmed eye lashes!

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