Friday, 19 December 2014

Lets talk about the 2nd day hair dilemma...

2nd day hair..
Oh why art thou so flat??
There is nothing worse than flat 2nd day hair, it makes me cray.
^ see
She's upset about her flat hair..
Well Swifty I've devised a pretty simple concoction to combat the 2nd day drag down..
1. A teasing comb
2. KMS Hair Play makeover Spray
3. (optional) Oscar Blandi Texture Spray
1. Omg these combs,
lord G these combs.
Just take my advice and pick up a pack at Sallys just do it.
 I paid $5.99 for a 2 pack and they have so many purposes.
AND I use it when I have one flyaway hair tickling my face and I cant seem to grab it..
slide the comb under your bang area and flip the hairs back.
 You might not be able to see that hair but trust me the comb will find it.
2. KMS Hair Play makeover spray
I've tried many a dry shampoo and texture powder but this one is my favorite..
A. Its a spray
(I find the powders messy)
B. It doesn't make my hair feel too dirty
(It adds grit but not to the point that you feel like Ke$ha in her P.Diddy days)
 ^ I almost feel bad posting this picture because I love Ke$ha, (so don't hate)
she was the one that went there!
C. It doesn't have a obnoxiously overpowering scent..
Which leads me to my next product
3. The Oscar Blandi texture spray
This is some serious spray, not for the faint of heart.
I believe it would legitimately make you look like Cindy Lou Who if that's that look you desired.
It really is a powerful texturiser so I believe in what it says on the side of the can
 "used by celebrities" 
 it would give you texture all through a awards show for sure!
The annoying part about it, the smell.
It has such a strong scent, like coconuts and Moroccan oil and beach.
You would think that those things would smell good but they don't.
It makes you smell like you've just done one too many tans at the Tanning salon
 and it NEVER goes away.
It sticks to your hair and clothes so
 I use it sparingly (and I don't get bothered by scents, ever!).
None the less the positives obviously outweigh the negitives or I wouldn't use it in my 2nd hair day routine, sometimes I skip it hence being "optional"
How do I apply all these products? you might ask..
Well I put together a quaint little photo collage for demonstration purposes.
Top left: 
2nd day hair... I've already touched up any unruly ends with a curling iron.
Top right:
 part hair using the end of your comb, spray make over spray onto root area.
Repeat this step over and over until your satisfied.
I normally part and spray 4 sections in my front
and then two in the back.
Flip head upside down and massage in makeover spray.
Bottom left:
Using comb part hair again (doesn't have to be the same spot as earlier)
Use comb to tease.
Flip head up side down again and use fingers to relax teased portion.
Bottom right:
Add Oscar Blandi little spritz to lower hair section and scrunch a bit.
 So much fuller then before!
This may seem like a lot of work but it really really isn't,
 honestly its probably a ten minute job tops.
2nd day hair is always going to be 2nd day hair so you have to embrace the look.
This ritual also makes for a nice full pony and then a curvaceous top knot
 if you happen to be decorating the Christmas tree and just need
that hair out of the way asap
because if it gets stuck to a branch one more time...
So if you're still reading (bless your heart)...
You can find KMS make over spray at your local salon,
you may have to ask around because they didn't carry it at my salon in town
 and I had to get it ordered in.
 I don't remember why I picked up the makeover spray the first time I tried it,
 I have always liked KMS as a brand.
(I just looked in my bathroom and I have 5 cans of this stuff on standby..)
And the Oscar Blandi I picked up at Winners of all places.
It was 8.99 and I purchased 2 cans,
I've yet to need more so I'm not sure where else to get it!
*Signing off!

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  1. Ugh, I cannot stand that when I have no where to go my hair is on point. I try to replicate it when I have plans and it never works. I have a longe-ish bob and love it. But seeing all of your beautiful hair and cute up do's makes me miss the long and thick hair I used to rock. That is it, I am letting it grow out again!