Saturday, 6 December 2014

Lets talk about another Christmas DIY, Recipes & Memories..

Am I the only one who seemed to be
chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool last week
and now this week is in major freak out mode about Christmas??!?
There is soooo much to do and I am quite quickly falling desperately behind.
I have about 12 more blog posts I would like to get posted before December 25th
but we shall see how many actually get posted.
At this very moment I have 3 drafts in the works that I cant seem to put the
finishing touches on
aka story of my life.
Anywho I gave this gift to my sisters a couple of years ago for Christmas, it was our first Christmas after our Nanny passed away and I wanted to do thoughtful memory gift.
I had taken all of Nanny's recipes and I knew instantly I would like to put together a Cook Book of sorts with them, so this is how it turned out...
^ Nanny's apron, tea towels and dishes*

I used the website Blurb
Originally I thought I would cook/bake every one of Nanny's recipes, take pictures
and it would be strictly a cookbook.
It turns out that is A LOT of work and I was quickly running out of time if I wanted to have these ordered and received by Christmas.
So I made some of the recipes and took photos,
 Nanny also had a lot of little hand written notes and advice clippings stashed in with her recipes so I decided to add those to the book, as well as some old photographs/odds and ends.

^ As you can see I took a photo of Nanny's hand written recipe, then typed out the recipe (since some of the hand written ones were very had to decipher).
I'm not sure all the recipes are correct or even complete recipes but
to me that's what makes the book all the more charming.
(she had a tendency to keep EVERYTHING every little knick knack & chicken scratch note, wonder where I get it from.. )

So obviously this is not the type of gift you could have ready for this Christmas 2014 but
I thought I would post about it anyway because if you want one for Christmas 2015 I would suggest you start working on it in January. haha
I started working on ours in October and underestimated just how much work was involved.
The site is fairly easy to use but if you're a perfectionist like me you may spend hours deciding which colours you want etc..
It can be quite time consuming.
I had Nick typing up recipes while I was test baking recipes and snapping photos.
It was a full 2 person job but we got it completed by December and they arrived with plenty of time to spare.
The book was loved so much I had extended family members requesting a copy,
I ordered over 20 in total and now everyone has a little piece of
Nanny MacNeil's homemade cook book.

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