Monday, 8 December 2014

Lets talk the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me..

I'm confused about the twelve days of Christmas song..
it only has twelve days so is the first day of Christmas December 1st?
or like December 14th?
Anywho sometimes I fantasise about what it would be like to have a super creative husband who actually planned things in advance and would surprise me with elaborate presents..
Don't get me wrong my husbands great
 but you know, he's not the most on the ball gift giver.
(I don't think he's alone in that trait,
aka every spouse who is at the mall on Christmas eve trying to beat the clock)
^ Fa la la la laaa
So I was fantasising about how amazing it might be to wake up to a adult advent calendar, and what types of things would be in it.
(Yes I could've been the nice wife and made one of these for Nick but am I alone in finding it hard to shop for grown men?? He just wouldn't appreciate getting little knick knacks like I would)
So here are a few recent purchases that would be ideal Advent gifts..

1. Marc Jacobs Collectors Edition Nail Lacquer
this nail polish.
I was walking around Sephora and saw this, I kept walking by it again and again and again.
I really did not need to spend (gulp) $30 on a nail polish but O.M.G.
It was so beautiful and once in a lifetime!
I'm fairly certain the sales lady thought I was shop lifting because I so awkwardly walked passed this nail polish 30 or so times with shifty eyes but I just wanted it so bad.
I caved, bought it.
^ Just read the box, you know you want this.

Ok I am about to do something some of you may not like so beware if you are not a foot person stop scrolling right now.
I have to do this for Nail Lacquers sake.
I cannot stop staring at my toes.
So shiny, gorgeous colour, just buy this before its too late!
*Never again! - Marc Jacobs.
Moving on..
2. This may be a lame one but Floss Picks
and not any floss pick, the minty ones!!
These have changed my flossing life.
I have always used GUM because they're the only ones that don't break
but these are Mint flavoured.
They're awesome, perfect stocking stuffer.
Who doesn't love EOS?
Its awesome lip balm and they've been coming out with
new flavors that have striped packaging - yes yes yes!
4. Confessions of a Shopaholic:
Shopaholic to the Stars
I saw this new release while browsing Target and I almost peed my pants.
I LOVE the shopaholic series, I've read all 6 books leading up to this book and I feel like Becky Bloomwood is my spirit animal.
Her and I were separated at birth.
I LOLOLOL while reading these books.
My one regret in life is that Hollywood didn't do a fantastic job on the Shopaholic movie (staring Isla Fisher, who is PERFECT for the role) so I will never get to see the remaining books made into movies.
It truly breaks my heart.
5. The East Coast Lifestyle RCMP T-shirt
100% of the proceeds from this T shirt are going to the families of the fallen RCMP members in Moncton NB.
We ordered a few, they're great quality and for a great cause.
(Although it makes me so sad to look at, beautiful but haunting)
That's it for now,
signing off!


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