Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lets talk about a super simple Christmas DIY...

Homemade gifts are the best!!
So here is a simple DIY gift that will make your heart grow 3 sizes..
I went to a jewelry making class a few years ago at Michael's Craft store and it taught me so much! Its open to the public I think was around $15 per class at the time and they provide the supplies.
I learned how to make these earrings and thought they would be the perfect activity to make with the Girl Guides this year. They could keep them and wear throughout the holidays or give as a sweet homemade gift!

Start off by picking up some supplies at Michael's.
- Earring hooks
- Jump rings
- Earring backs
 (not a must have but helpful to the earring wearer!)
Then pick up a assortment of mini Christmas "things",
I say things because some of these were found in the jewelry isle
and some were found in random isles of Christmas décor.
You can judge what would make a cute earring,
just make sure it has a loop or spot you can hook the jump ring to.
Then do as follows:
Open jump ring, slide on light bulb, slide on earring hook, close jump ring.
VOila!!! Adorable homemade Christmas earrings!!
You could do the same with these snowflakes!
(The girl guides really liked this one)
If you are extra ambitious (have patience) you can make these jingle bell ones!
^ I couldn't find the snowmen this year but
I'm sure you could find something similar.
Like I said I went to that class probably 5 years ago and I wear my earrings every Christmas!
You could wrap them up in some tissue place them in a cute little box and attach a note
"Homemade by Holly"
                                                         ^ insert your own name
Happy DIY-idays!!
*I can open and close the jump ring using my fingers
the girl guides found it easier with the flat nose pliers,
That's the only tool you may need.

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