Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lets talk about being Santa..

This post has no real direction other than to point out what we all know.. 

We recently wrapped up Nicks work Christmas party, Elliott got his pictures done with Santa and Monday was my Girl Guide Christmas party so as the events wind down now the last minute details are kicked into high gear and I'm stressin!! 
I don't know how I'm going to cope once Elliott is a few years older and
relying on me to pull it all off.
For the next couple of years 'Santa' can slip up all he wants and no one is any the wiser.
***Oops Santa forgot to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.. 
at 5 months old
 ES OK..

Slap those suckers under the tree on Boxing Day for all he cares! 
At 5 years old.. 

yeah Santa better get his butt in check
or moms going to be paying a mighty therapy bill in the new year.  
So luckily we still have a few years to adjust. 

I managed to take no photos at Nicks Christmas party except this
pre party back of hair shot
and then this after party 1 am selfie.

I was browsing the small things blog You tube channel for some hair inspiration,
since I was deadly sick with a cold/flu bug thing that the entire town seems to have I wanted to keep my hair up and out of the way so it wasn't bugging me all night.
I watched a few videos
 (I've already watched Kate's entire collection of videos as they've been released..)
but decided to "loosely" base my updo off of this one above ^
Kates hair is above shoulder length so like I
said it was loosely based but it was a excellent starting point!
And got me excited to try new things to my hair,
I use to always attempt updos and such
but haven't had the time as of late.
 This re-sparked my love of hair dos!

Anddd Lellys photo with Santa could've been worse but could've been better! lol

But the Girl guide party was a big hit! 

Mini stockings all around! 
I picked up a box of 12 mini stockings after Christmas last year for about $2.00.
Kids LOVE mini things so I knew they would come in handy this year!
We had a boat load of food and played a few games.
PSA: Please if you have not heard of this Paper plate Christmas game
check it out for your holiday party because it is so so fun for young and old! 

^^ said link to game

I made these little Christmas poems to send to another girl guide troop
 but since we ran out of time to mail before Christmas I put a copy in each stocking
for our girls to take home. 
Aren't they the cutest!  

And we finally got our fun tree decorated in the basement.
Normally we get a real tree for the basement and use our artificial upstairs but this year
 we just didn't have time to be dealing with the real tree maintenance.
So I had picked up this white tree for Elliott's bedroom.
Yeah he's only 5 months old but I'm already thinking about how cute
it will be when he's like 6 and wants his own tree in his bedroom. 
A white tree for all his little homemade ornaments, dinkies tied to string, etc. - gonna be adorable!! 

So for this year we made it a catch all tree in the basement.
Since Elliott and I are going to be leaving Nick all alone at Christmas
 (sad face :(, I know)
we are going to have a early family Christmas coming up in the next few days! 
Can't wait to dig into all those prezzies!!! 
The blog may be a little light on the blog posts for the next couple of weeks
 since you know tis the season for family or whatever.
I know my family will all be sitting cozy round the fireplace
basking in the glow of the Christmas tree lights... and our cell phone screens.
You know its bad when even your mom has a IPhone
and she's probably reading this right now since she's finally
mastered the art of Facebook creeping...
Any who..
Happy pre holidays to you all!! 
& a very sparkly new year!
- Gossip Girl
HAhahaha I think I'm so funny for that last part.
I'm only on season 4 and haven't had time to watch since Elliott's been born
it is my new years resolution to finish the series!
 I HAVE to know who gossip girl is and I refuse to google it!

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