Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lets talk about cats, clutter, colds..

Alright alright alright!
'tis a new year my friends!
I am back and better than ever!
Nope I'm just back!
We spent the last couple of weeks home in glorious Nova Scotia for the
Christmas holidays and it was pretty amazing.
if you've ever lived a province away from your family
you may feel me when I say a vacay is actually no vacay at all.
Am I right?
By the end of two weeks I could not wait to get back to Newfoundland!
Back into my own routine, my own house,
 back to unpack all those presents and back to blogging!
Sadly when you live on a island getting back home in the dead of Canadian winter
is not always that easy. We were booked to come home on the Marine Atlantic Ferry and have a whole day free before Nick returned to work unfortunately due to bad weather we were delayed not one, not two but THREE times!
So we ended up catching a day time ferry 3 days late, then making the 4 hour
drive to our town in the dead of night.
Also its Newfoundland so the roads were a snowed out mess
and the moose!
It took us 6 hours to get to town which left us arriving home at 3:30am.
We were exhausted, eyes blurry we threw everything from the loaded down Honda
Civic into the house and hit the hay!
Nick had to work the next morning and everyday since,
 so needless to say this is what our house still looks like...
All those Christmas presents, plus my shopping sprees... ugh.

Oh and then there's just the regular old laundry from travelling with
2 adults and a infant..
^ Luna leaps over the great wall of Laundry..
^ Slowly my house gets "cleaner"
aka organized chaos really, nothings been put away yet.
^ He has all those toys but loves the wipes package!
So then Elliott decides this would be the perfect week to come down with
I'm not sure if its teething or a little bug of sorts ??..
Won't let me put him down or turn my back for .5 a second and he's in tears.
I haven't washed my hair in 4 days (lucky I've brushed my teeth! sorry tmi #momlife),
my house looks like a bomb went off,
the Christmas tree probably wont be coming down until Easter at this rate.
 & Today I was sitting on the couch holding Elliott who was entertaining himself
with some toy (entertained as long as I'm holding him!)
He was facing left I turned my head right thinking it was the perfect time to
check Instagram since I haven't had a chance today.
A couple of minutes pass, I thought
"Gee he's pretty quiet..."
Swing my head over to see what toy has been keeping him this occupied,
turns out it was a pile of spit up that he was pleasantly
rubbing his hands and toes into..
 smearing all over our couch.
So that about sums things up and
brings us to Elliott's afternoon nap today
like I said poor guys been crying in pain and not
napping well the last three days so I knew as soon as he went down
I had a very, very small time frame to choose what task to
try and accomplish.
The chosen task was shower!
I promptly grabbed my towels and booted it.
I also grabbed this ^ delicious Lindor chocolate and ate it while in the shower.
It can be done,
and it was heavenly.
I have a million and one blog posts on the brain I'm just hoping
I can find the time to get them in ink asap!
Happy New Year to all!!

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