Thursday, 2 November 2017

Try it tuesday! In shower radio...

I have a tendency to ramble.

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Bottom line is, Halloween is over, Christmas is basically next week so you need stocking stuffers.
I love shopping and blogging about it, so here's a stuffer I've already tested and loved!

A $15 in shower speaker!
You have no idea how many angles I've had my iPhone at attempting to get music and podcasts projecting into my shower. It was my dream to have a hot, lazy shower and listen to Essie Buttons 'the heart of it' podcast in peace and quiet.

But none of those angles worked and I assumed a system for in shower listening would be like $50 and I wasn't desperate enough yet to pay that.

I was randomly shopping in The Sunnyside Mall, my old stomping grounds, I worked there for 3 years in HS/university. I was in Indigo Spirit about to leave when I saw their table of Christmas junkies (I call stocking stuffers junk because you normally get 50/50 practical useful things/garbage by the New Year things).

Right away this (click me!) in shower speaker jumped out and for $15 I was sold before I could say sold! (I thought for sure it would've been at least $25!)

Before I could recommend it I wanted to test it out

I am happy I did because there was a learning curve in the suction department!

I couldn't get that thing to stick to my shower tiles for longer than 60 seconds. I fell twice before I realized it would probably stick best to my glass shower door and voila it did!

So you may have to place it outside your shower, maybe you have a shower shelf it would sit suitably on but the shower walls themselves may not hold the suction great.

just keep that in mind, & don't be disappointed because the thing needs charging every once and a while anyway so its not the end of the world if you have to sit it on the counter, it would be quite practical actually.

The hook up of the speaker was SO easy.

Open your iPhone
turn on Bluetooth
turn on shower speaker
on iPhone Bluetooth select 'shower speaker'
choose podcast or music because you're connected!

I've use it for a week now and love every minute.
The sound is crisp and loud, the battery lasts at least a handful of showers before it needs charging.

AND I found it very handy for non shower times, such as Halloween night when I put the speaker outside and from my iPhone in the house was able to play the music outdoors via the speaker hidden in a hay stack!

so, $15 is cheap. the product is decent. if you're stumped this is a pretty universal gift!

again see the speaker HERE! CLICK ME.
non affiliate, it was just hard to find on the site

I blab some more below and capture the falling of the speaker.. TWICE! lol


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  1. OOoooh! I need this. We blast music from a JVC thing on the counter but I can't stand how loud it is when it could be a speaker placed just outside the shower instead of cranking the volume. :)