Thursday, 9 November 2017

A $2 eye brow stencil?!?....

Gimmicks give me life!

I live for click bait products, anything that's hyped up but you know is going to be a dust collector after a use or two.. gimme.

Especially now that I've started my scheduled 'days' on IG stories.. I love gimmick stuff even more!

If you're just tuning in, I've been trying something new every Tuesday for #tryitTuesday and I've donated my skin to science for the very important #facemaskFriday happening every, you guessed it, FRIDAY!

Are scheduled day names and hash tags gimmicky?? Click bait-y?? o well. haha

Here's a clip of my natural untouched brows ^

Not too bad, I have been letting them completely grow in for about 6 months now.
My brows have always had different shapes and after a major plucking incident in grade 8 they have been pretty sparse.

but looking at that photo I'm proud of how far they've come!

I saw this $2 elf eyebrow stencil at Walmart and I was sold.


that's less than my tea at Tims!

 There's not much mystery in this pack, its exactly what you expect ^

4 eyebrow stencils, all different shapes although, seeing these on this flat lay they look a lot different than they do in person.

in person they all look like the exact same brow.
here at least you can see they have slight variations, its not much but there are more pointed arches vs rounded.

I used the second stencil down.

using a brow pencil or powder of your choice you hold the stencil on your brow and colour it in.

its not rocket science and was fairly easy to do but its not customized to your brow.. so there is an obvious patch of brow pencil filling in the top of my brow.

If I had filled it free hand I would not go that high, I would try to stay closer to my natural shape and use a lighter hand, small hair like wisps.

Of course having a dominant hand I found one brow easy to do and the other more complicated (think nail painting!).

the finished result is cheated ^^^ because I went in afterwards fixing up a few minor misses and I also grabbed a tissue and removed a bit of a harsh edge.

All and all I think its completely unnecessary to add this to your everyday routine BUT if you struggle with your brows:

they're too thin
you don't have enough of a shape to follow
you're waiting on your brows to grow in after hair loss
you really can't get the hang of brows and you're desperate for some guidance

I think these could work!

They would make a great guideline if you were in need and at $2 it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work out.

so let me know if you've ever used them or similar.
or if you have brow troubles.
brows are my favorite and worst quality depending on the day! lol

See full experience HERE:

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