Sunday, 26 November 2017

Easy Glitter Bulbs DIY...

Over the next few weeks I may blog without any words..
because every Christmas post I'm about to share is 1. EASY, 2. PRETTY!

You can basically translate what I've been up to by just looking at the photos but for the sake of pinterest I will include minor word-age. :)

Oldie style Christmas bulbs; we all have them and love them.
They're very nostalgic but they do burn out fast..
I have a solution for that!

I went to Michael's craft store and picked out some beautiful fine glitter. $6 a tub

Then I went to the Mod Podge section and holy cow - options!
I just grabbed the original as I would be covering it with glitter anyway.

I poured some glitter into a disposable bowl, used a foam brush to coat the old bulb in a thin layer of mod podge then used a spoon to sprinkle the glitter on. (at first I rolled the bulb in the glitter but I found it more efficient to sprinkle the glitter with a spoon)

*Put on YouTube and repeat this glitter bulb method many times.

I picked up this $8 wreath at Michaels, heated up the glue gun and started arranging.

I could have started with a plan here but knowing me, I didn't.  lol

I knew I wanted the wreath to be 'full' looking and the only way to achieve that was to place the bulbs everywhere! so I went a bit bulb crazy and eyeballed every open space, hot gluing where needed.

I also picked up a cheap pack of burlap rosebuds if you look close you can see a few, and I found this was helpful for filling space but not distracting from the bulbs.

I tied some twine to the wreath, placed a tiny pre made bow on top..
overall I am so pleased with my little DIY!
It's simple but impactful.

More than anything I am obsessed with these little sparkle bulbs.
I'm finding they are suitable everywhere!
They add that little bit of bling but still feel so classic and old fashioned.

I have more DIY Christmas posts coming up but you can see most of everything I do over on Instagram stories and weirdly twitter has become a love of mine!

I think I will also start dumping some things over at the FB page! because why not?!?!

What other easy, peasy holiday décor can I do?! forward me some pinterest ideas!


  1. I really love this idea and think I might give it a try! Thanks for sharing :)

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