Monday, 20 November 2017

31st Birthday Makeup Tutorial, a $500 face... (!!!)

I always hesitate to use the term 'tutorial'..

Because I consider this look beginner, I am not an expert by any means.. but at the same time I could see how others would think this is intermediate. I mean, I've been watching beauty youtubers for so dang long a full face of rhinestones seems mild to me (click!). LOL 

You asked for it so here is a break down of my beauty look from my 31st birthday!
ABH Brow Wiz $27

Charlotte Tilbury Opium Noir lipstick $39

Ok guys just for kicks and giggles I added up those totals to see what's the norm-ish cost of product that I am wearing right now and it totaled.........$432 FREAKING DOLLARS.



I need to stop spending asap, right now, like yesterday... because that's an unhealthy amount of money. lolling

Let's be completely real though, I have not bought all of that, some of it is samples, bonuses, perk points, etc. etc.

but still.


Here are some examples of the foundation and setting powder in flash photography because there was a bit of a white cast.

I'm just pale anyway and probably give off a bit of that regular skin casper look, so I'm not that concerned and I think the non flash looks good.

All the makeup above is mainly available at Sephora with the exception of the Balm eye shadow palette but you can order from their site and watch for discount/coupon codes because that's how I picked up the palette in the first place.

And another piece that actually came all the way from London England (!!!) is that Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. I've done my best to link a similar and if you order from Holt Renfrew with $100 order I hear its free shipping!

So happy shopping!!

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