Tuesday, 7 November 2017

BlogJam Atlantic Blogging conference & how I chose my blog name...

This was BlogJam Atlantics 3rd year (my 2nd) and I feel like it gets bigger and better every year.
It's so, so interesting to see the collective of people who attend because 'blogger' is such a vague title..

There were ladies (and a few men!) who report news, homeschooling, beauty advice, parenting, marketing, foodies, fitness, fashion, interior design, travel, DIY, inspirational, motivational... I'm really not sure any two blogs were alike!

A little side of me didn't even realize just how many topics a person could write about and still be titled 'blogger'. I am sort of immersed in my own little bubble, touching back and fourth between, beauty blogging - mommy blogging. I was mind blown at the range and talent that sits right here on the east coast, crazy.

SO, I was mega late as per usual..
I didn't even attempt to make it for 8 am (laughs.. HA HA HA. 8am)
Nick was working, I needed child care so I was plotting a 10am out the door and that would have me arriving just around time to see Kayla from Short Presents do her thing.

I arrived to see her but it was a hectic, I'm soooo late, I'm running out of the elevator and sneaking into the started speech kind of arrival. But thankfully I got to hear Kayla speak because she has such a "I'm just chatting with friends" way about her, I was glued to her words and didn't think to snap a single photo/video.

Next up was Suzi Fevens but wait..
I didn't mention that there were 3 speakers speaking concurrently during each presentation period, did I?
YES, I had to choose which of the 3 to see every session and it was. so. hard.
I would've loved to hear them all speak but in total there was over 20 presentations so I understand the reasoning for the system.

Suzi spoke a lot about security and sanity which I definitely need to be reminded of.
I found it so funny that she broke down the two types of blogs, me or you. ^
because I was thinking about this the other day and how I am a 'ME' blog, it seems like I always ask "what do you guys want to see?" and I always get the same answer "MORE" but there is a time and place for boundaries. I need to keep myself sane and that means having a little private life if possible.

These girls were flown in from Texas and they started blogging at 5 years old.

Heather Clarke and Lori Byrne had me loling but also touched on how hard it is to be 'on' all the time.
Doing a lot and creating all the time takes a lot out of a person!
Just the blog alone is an art, then you add in DIY's, beauty tutorials, reviews, emotional mom moments that need to be expressed with the right words..
it is exhausting and people should recognize that (but they don't, and I don't blame you but here's a heads up to be more conscious of it. lol)

Heather was chatting about renaming her blog and she listed the names she was brainstorming ^

Which brought back the memory of how I named this lil 'ol bloggy.

I decided to start a blog (2014) because I was bored on maternity leave and I thought I had a lot to say/share, which is still true and I guess went fairly well since I'm on my way to 300 blog posts!

I do every. single. thing. spur of the moment, I never think or plan or hesitate.
So I decided I wanted a blog and I wanted it NOW. I already knew I wanted the name to be 'Holly's Hobbies', because my interests are so broad I didn't want to be tied down in one 'classification' aka beauty, food, DIY.

Well turns out you can't just wake up one day and decide to be 'Holly Hobby'.. clearly that name was taken!
so back to the drawing board and now I was so stumped.

I started rhyming off  H words..
Happy, Holy, Hippie, Housewife...
hmmm, Housewife Life.
I checked, it was available, I never looked back.

I'm happy now that Hobbies or similar wasn't available, I feel like it pushed me to be who I really am 'Holly's Housewife Life' its a mouth full but its unique and I think it sums up me and the kitchen sink.
Which is what I always describe my blog as, a catch all.
One day I write a tear jerker and the next its about a glitter nail polish.

Now here's some adorable photos of Nolee!
because I came home to this little muffin and I just want to smoother her with snuggles..
that cute little headband!


  1. Is blogjam an event where it is by invitation only or can anyone attend who has an interest in or has a blog?

  2. How cool! I want to go to a blog conference but don't want to pay out the teeth to attend, accommodations, etc. You know what I mean?

    Love that you're so real and relatable, babe. Keepin' it real. :)