Friday, 3 November 2017

Mary Kay Winter 2018 12 piece Lipstick Collection, swatches and try on...

First off I refuse to facetune my under eye bags or double chin.
I refuse. I hate facetune, you should too, stop using it.

Yes I love makeup but makeup is a fun way to express yourself, facetune is repression and we should stand up against it. Fight the power! Age like you mean it! Free the face!

In other news, Mary Kay just sent me a little sneak peek of their Winter 2017/18 collection and its my favorite sneak peek of the year because it's their lipstick collection. yayy!

12 gorgeous shades, they're a gel semi shine lipstick.
which basically means they're the perfect buttery gloss feel, with the ability to build up coverage.

They will retail for $21 a piece and come available November. 16th.
(My sisters 20th birthday! I almost aged you a year and said 21.. oops. lol)

there's a little somethin', somthin' for everyone.
reds, berries, send nudes and surprisingly I really liked them all paired with my pale complexion.

My very favorite of the bunch would have to be 'Apple Berry' because its the most perfect cranberry colour.

Keeping with tradition I did a YouTube video but this year I tried on every shade.. see below!


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