Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A day in the life + free stuff bloggers get..

I got cha with that title didn't I?
Well stay tuned and I will dish the details but first, a day in the life..


Is this not the most Kanye style mic dropping 5 month old you've ever seen??

I'd been having a really tough time with Elliott and his 'three-nager' mood swings so I mentally had to prepare myself last night and say out loud: Tomorrow will be a good day. I will make it a good day.


Come 10am I had a massive headache (non three-nager related) and weirdly we were out of pain relievers so I decided to take the kids out and grab some at the store.

Thankfully Elliott was being pleasant & we made it in and out quickly so I decided to take them to Tim Hortons as a little treat.

Elliott loves being in public and I am half debating how to introduce the 'stranger danger' concept to him. The poor boy LOVES people, he thinks everyone is his friend. He shouts across the van when I'm driving through take out windows: HI!! I'm ELLIOTT! I NEEDA TALK TO YOU!

No different this time..
He received a special cup and some freebie timbits.
He makes friends wherever he goes & whether you want to befriend him or not, you'll be friends. lol

It was still early so we did the playground!

Nolee Bean had a death grip on that timbit bag!

Speaking of her, she will not stop rolling!

You can't trust this kid anywhere! She is crazy mobile and I can't wait until she can crawl, I'm hoping it gives my arms a bit of Noelle independence!

By a small miracle I was able to shower, then both the kids fell asleep, YAY!
45 minutes to do my hair, makeup and head out the door.

As per usual I was super late but I had a Sunglasses Hut Black Friday event to attend at The Halifax Shopping Centre and nothing was going to hold me back!

Nicks work week basically totals 60 hours give or take, so I wrangled my babysitter into an evening shift and I got Mommy only time - YES!

Now onto the blogger talk!
I never know whether I am stepping out of bounds by telling you the behind the scene details?!?
Is there a written rule or something? unwritten?!
Like a blood bloggers oath because I've never been sworn in, so I'm about to spill the beans...

I was invited to the HSC for a special Black Friday 20% off media event.
This particular event was giving out drinks/treats, a $50 gift card, plus swag bag.

Honestly I would attend events just for the cupcakes!
They always seem to have the best CC and dessert spreads.

But its always nice to get a little extra incentive as you are actually working for the company, sharing the info provided with your following, possible testing/reviewing/recommending etc.

Anywhoo, this particular event was awesome, and I am not just saying that.
I think the staff was delightful.
Maybe I just lucked out with a super adorable sales women but we talked about kids, beauty, sunglasses, food, fashion, I honestly would be friends with her and will probably go back to the Sunglasses Hut just to check in. lol.

They were helpful and attentive without being bothersome.
The Black Friday Event will be on-going for you guessed it, BLACK FRIDAY! And obviously not the swag bags/gift cards but 20% regular price is still a great deal to grab those down south sunnies. 

That’s all I could think about while I was looking at the glasses, how badly I wanted a pair for everyday of our upcoming Dominican trip. 

Unfortunately my tastes are Prada, Gucci, Sex and the City name brands.. 

But glasses were all gorgeous, ridiculously beautiful.
You guys know I have a sunglasses addiction anyway and I definitely could've gone home with so many pairs..

but I really have to refrain from self shopping!
It is about 1 month away from Christmas and now is the time to buckle down.

These children's Ray bans are so beyond cute though, I may have to splurge this summer when Elliott is old enough to take care of them.

If I did pick anything up, you know the place I would show it off would be IG stories because that way I can block any potential giftees from seeing what I got for them!

Giftees? Giftos??
What's the word for the gift getter?!
Because it's midnight and I'm exhausted...

leave me a comment with giftee, gifto on one of my social medias if you read this because it will make me laugh out loud.
No explanation, just giftee, gifto.

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  1. I always call 'em 'giftees' ... don't think there's a difference lolll. Love reading your posts, your days are prettyyyy eventful!!