Friday, 24 November 2017

Paying it forward, Giving Tuesday with Clean Foundation NS...

A couple of weeks ago I had asked my personal Facebook page for some suggestions of big or small charity work, donation spots, cheer up ideas, thinking of 'you before me' style ideas/events that I could do with Elliott.

I really want to start the tradition now before he catches the 'I WANT, I WANT, I WANT' bug (which he basically has already lol). I think its just early enough for him to mildly understand what we are doing and how it helps but also early enough that he will never remember a time we didn't do it.

I was BOMBARDED with ideas!
like, holy cow when did y'all become such saints?! (LOL)

But really, I was suggested so, so many amazing ideas and was honestly so heart warmed and inspired to do more. There will be quite a few posts coming at you about our 'give backs' so keep an eye here and on my social media pages.

For now I'll share our first event and you guys can take part if you want as well!

Clean Foundation NS is kicking off Giving Tuesday, November 28th 2017 with a virtual bottle drive in support of Environmental Education.

You can watch their Superhero Cat Eddie, on Facebook Live at 1pm and 6pm.
He will be saying Thank you to every kid who donates their recycling money to the EnviroED education program, which brings environmental superheroes, puppets and scientists into the classroom and teaches children key ways to live and enjoy a sustainable future!

Basically, cats, kids, education, earth, giving, there's not much in this first 'pay it forward' task that I'm not into!

As I was explaining things to Elliott he was super excited but he's excited about the word 'superheroes' in general so I'm not sure how much he absorbed after that, but still I can't wait until Tuesday to get him online and seeing Eddie in action. (& hopefully getting a shout out! ;))

I will attach some photos of good ol' Ed below and will mention with a donation of $250 (the cost of a workshop per class) you get your very own Eddie plush to take home!

*This post is in partnership with Clean Foundation however I truly am in the season of giving so the thoughts and motions are all my own.

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