Tuesday, 21 November 2017

5 Month Milestones with Nolee baby...

My little Nolee is 5 months old!

We are big fans of nicknames in this house, examples:

- Nolee
- Noel (no-Will)
- Knowles
- Bey
- Baby Beyoncé

- El
- Elli
- Lelly
- Lell
- Elli belly

- Nick
- Nicky
- Nickybear

- mom
- mommy
- mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom.
- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm.

So my little Nolee bear is 5 months old!
Whoa, how?!?!
I know.

She is actually the cutest thing ever, she is super happy and the chubbiest cheeked little fat head.

She looks exactly like...

This guy ^

I mean they twin so hard, its painful for me to look at them together.
actually painful.
because it's so strange that a baby can look so much like someone else and someone of the opposite sex so, what's she going to look like pending adulthood???

will they still look the same??
it's going to be so freaky!

We started her on some solids and it's been going well!
It has only been about 3 days so I can't say for sure how much has made its way into her belly but we tried to get some cereal into her and she's smooshed around some avocado.

That face! ^

She is an excellent traveler (sleeps the whole time) and loves looking around when we're out in public. My kids definitely know how to play the cute card for passersby, they put on a good show. lol

I have to say, so far Noelle is no Elliott.
I don't know if its the second child, girl thing, just her born personality but she's way high maintenance and doesn't seem to be detaching from me at all.

She loves sleeping on me, being with me, looking at me.
I try so hard not to stress over it because she's only small for so long and excessive cuddling isn't exactly a death sentence for me....

but, at the same time, SHE MAKES ME SHACK WACKY. LOL.
I feel like all I do it talk to her and switch which position she is in my arms.
Every second of the day is a balancing act of keeping her happy and its actually funny.
If she ever has a moment where she's content and I'm not around I'm wondering why she's content and I get nothing accomplished. lol

Elliott was practically a 180 from that.
He didn't like to cuddle, he was happy doing independent things for at least 20 minute stretches at a time, he slept through the night so early on.

Basically everything I just said about Elliott change to the opposite and you have my little Nolee..
Nolee baby, Knowles, bey, beybey, BeyBe Beyoncé.
and I wouldn't trade her for the world!

*Oh. also, she's going to be about 6 feet tall.
where did my kids get their height?!?!?

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