Tuesday, 31 October 2017

$8 Magnetic Eyelashes...

I saw magnetic clip on eyelashes about a year ago and I immediately looked them up because I HAD to have them!

I always want to wear false lashes but I'm so bad at them, so, so bad.
How do people make falsies look so good and effortless??
I wore them at my wedding (applied by a makeup artist) and I still ripped them off.

Anywoo, magnetic lashes came on my radar and I was like "YES".
Then I looked into them and they were about $70...
My YES turned to "hell naw".

If its something I know I will love, I will invest the cash but something as unreliable as fake lashes, no way..

Then a little group called "Maritime Mom Group buys" took over my life and suddenly I'm ordering, this, that, and the other because its all cheap and interesting!

Look up the MMGB on Facebook, they're a Halifax local tribe who pull together large quantity orders so we all can reap the benefits.

They managed a buy that was magnetic lashes $8 a pair.
I could not say no to that!

This is what the set of lashes looks like ^
I thought they looked a little haggard but after researching other lashes and watching some youtube, I realised this is almost exactly what all the lashes look like.

Some sets were $70 and they looked exactly like this $8 pair, so that was promising.

You're going to have to watch my first impression video to get the whole effect, this blog is mainly a follow up, photo share.


At first I couldn't get the hang of how to apply them, I was using tweezers and the lash stuck to the tweezer, it just wasn't working.

So then I tried with my hand but I couldn't get the lash to fall close enough to my lash line, until I grabbed the bottom lash and basically snapped both the top and bottom lash on at the same time.

The pull of the magnets clasped the lashes together and they just naturally fell close to my lash line.

At first glance I was not loving the look but when you go your whole life without falsies it takes a minute to get use to that long of a lash on your face.

I still find it strange that the lashes are so small,  they only cover about half of my lash line and I wish they would make them a tad longer so I could just wear one lash set and have a more full look.

but I guess you can add a second lash but you may have to do some trimming and custom work to make it match your lid.. ?

Makeup artists, help me out here? is that the way it works?

So, by 5pm I had started to really like the look!

the lashes didn't budge, I couldn't really feel them, I felt a little like a movie star..

Just as a fun side by side I picked a photo of my sisters lashes vs my falsies ^

She gets lash extensions, she has to have them filled every 3 weeks and they cost $60 - yikes!

I love the look but I'm not committed enough for something like that, and I would rather by a new outfit lol

So the magnetic lashes seem to work great for my lifestyle, I only need them on occasion if I'm getting a moms night out, they would be easy enough to do for supper or a casual movie as well.

By the end of the day they looked better than the start.
They hadn't moved away from my lash line but the lashes themselves had fallen a bit and mixed in with my own lashes for a more realistic look.

and the best part is removal is SO easy.
you literally just picked them off your eyelid, they didn't pull at all.

I ended up leaving them on for 8 hours just to get a feel of what a work day would be like and they were great! Not an itch, pinch or irritation.

I really liked them, I would pick up another pair in a heart beat!

Have you ever tried??
what did you think??
I saw a lot of reviews that said they found them hard to apply..
did I just get lucky?
was it a fluke that I found the learning curve relatively easy or am I just use to high maintanience things??? lol


  1. Oh. My. God! Really? Magnetic lashes as cheap as $8? Am I dreaming? But wait, are you sure that the quality isn't as cheap as the price is? I don't want to ruin my face with a low quality magnetic lash.

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