Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Gift Giving Season has begun, RachhLoves Fall Favorites has arrived...

I was super, super excited for this monthly subscription box..
I said on Instagram stories it gave me heart palpitations and it really did!

Is there anything better than snail mail?
Like be honest people, you can say "mail is a dying business" all you want in social settings but you and I both know when you get a package delivered a little squeak of joy is released.

So I use to get all these monthly beauty subscriptions in the mail and it was so fun, but I wasn't using the products as much as loving the boxing excitement so I decided to cancel them all.
just right now at 11:40 pm, November 20th, 2017 I signed back up to TopBox.

TopBox is a Canadian sub company and it only costs $13.80 every month, to your door!
How can I resist that?!?!?

The thing that got me back onto the TopBox' radar is this Rachh Loves speciality box that they were offering for a limited time.

Rachhloves is a Canadian Youtuber, she is super perky and relatable, she's crazy organized and pumps out high quality videos 3 (?) times a week. She's awesome.

I love supporting Canucks and this box is AMAZING so it was a no brainer.
The speciality boxes are offered at different times throughout the year and you don't have to have a TOPBOX monthly sub to get the speciality box.

Just sign up to the TOPBOX website but don't make a purchase and you should be on the email list for special offers. (I've gotten completely free product this way, they sometimes send out free samples emails)

The Rachhloves Fall Favorites came to $25.30 and it was SO worth it because it has to be close to $100 value.

NYX sweet cheeks palette $27
 Stila Huge lash mascara $30
Tartist lip paint in FOMO $24 (mini size in box)
Glamglow face mask $24
Wet n Wild Mega glo hightlight in precious petals $5

As you can see one of most of the items listed would pay for the box itself, so she really did an excellent job sourcing great product with a discount I love!

Of course I forgot to photog a lip shot so I grabbed these screen shots from Instagram stories (where I spend 99% of my life!)

I haven't tested the mascara yet but everything else I've swatched and the mask I will try on Friday!
You know where to find me then, #FACEMASKFRIDAY over on IG.

Have you tried TOPBOX??
Are  you surprised at this Rachhloves box??

I was because I ordered her spring box and it was lackluster compared to this, right now I could barely remember what was included but this fall one I don't think I'm set to dismiss as easily.

If you are interested in trying TOPBOX you can use this link:

It's no benefit to you as I am a regular civilian to them, but it gives me a $5 coupon which always helps for future blog post affordability hahah!

Or you can google Topbox if you like and let me know if you decide to sign up, it says cancel at anytime so if I do end up cutting ties I will keep you posted to be sure there were no hoops or hiccups to deal with!

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  1. Never heard of Top Box until now but it's super tempting AND AFFORDABLE!! Niiiiice! :)