Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Halloween food DIY...

I am SO torn guys.
I've been loving connecting with you all on Instagram (stories to be specific) so, so much that I've let the blog die a teeny, tiny, little bit.

You probably know that vlogging is my dream job (if only I could hire an editor! editing videos is sooo time consuming) and IG stories is a little micro version of vlogging so its been a fun time expanding my audience over there.

If you're not following can I recommend checking it out?
you may end up seeing too much of me over there and want to come back to the once a week blog lol but give it a try!

Problem being IG stories does not pay the bills the way the blog does..
but I was never a writer! I am a talker and have tons and tons to share but writing things down is very hard for me. I have a touch of dyslexia and mild ADHD so it is a struggle!

Alas, bills to pay!
so you'll see me try to balance the both.

It's my favorite time of year!
I have been rolling in the leaves, sucking in that brisk autumn air and wildly decorating for/anticipating HALLOWEEN.

I was super into Thanksgiving décor this year (Canadian Thanksgiving just passed last weekend) I brought out all the pumpkins, hay, grateful, blessing, blessed, thanks-full, whatever remotely related to thanksgiving was out on my front porch and all over my harvest table.

I will get some photos of that on the blog as well!
Out of order, yes.. but my USA friends haven't celebrated their turkey day yet so maybe someone can get some 2017 inspo out of it.


I have so much to do and so little time.. a lot of my Halloween décor can't go out until Halloween day itself because it's weather sensitive.

In fact we just had a witch hat vs. wind situation that didn't pan out well for the witch hat...
but that's all info to come!

As far as costumes, its been no secret that this year is all about the superheroes!
sometimes you have to put your imagination on hold and cater to your 3 year old.
to be honest I think a family of superheroes is a classic that will never die so I was into it too :)

We went to a birthday party this weekend and got to do a full dress rehearsal.

Wonder Woman Glow Parties $60
Batman Spirit Halloween $60
Spider-Man Costco $21
Super Girl Spirit Halloween $34

I always secretly wanted an October baby just so we could have Halloween birthday parties (I got a June and July babe, booooo haha)

Look at how adorable these Halloween themed treats are! ^^^^^^

Clementine's with chocolate stems and mint candy leaves as pumpkins.
Chocolate cookies (you could even use oreo!) a hersey's kiss and some orange icing piped around is the cutest witch hat!
Rice crispie treats cut then dipped in melted candy icing with some sugar googly eyes.

There were so many cute decorations at this party I couldn't even handle it.
Our house is the most decorated in our neighbourhood so far but I came home with loads of inspo to push those Halloween limits even further.

Stay tuned... ;)

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