Monday, 23 October 2017

Just like that, she's 4 months..

In true second child fashion, Noelle has barely been mentioned around these parts..

No pregnancy journal, no baby book, no printed photos, not a scrapbooked page for her yet..
I had the intention of doing all these things, I even own all the books but.. they're just blank pages.
does that make it better or worse?!?!?

I'm thinking better because I can fake fill it in maybe when she's about 4. Right before she learns to read... and she'll be none the wiser. lol

To be honest you swear to yourself you're going to be on the ball, wake up before the kids, get yourself ready, make their breakfast, have them dressed and peacefully playing by 9am.

Yeah that doesn't happen with 2 kids..
it's pure survival mode.

I'm just proud I've managed to snap her monthly photos relatively close to her monthly b-days.
see below..

Its very strange but I truly believe the Universe has a plan for me and somehow it always sends me only what I can handle.. weird I know. If you want me to ramble about my weird universe thoughts and how I think I'm connected to the spirit world... let me know because that's a whole other story!

Anywhoo, thank you universe, I know how lucky I am to be sent this little nugget!

She is the happiest, most easy going baby.. and its hard to compare because Elliott was the same but I think she's going to be dare I say, even more pleasant!

Its funny when you have your first child you can't wait to see their little personality develop, by the time you have your second you realize their personality is already there.
100% there from day one.

It's harder to see with your first because all you do is look at your new baby and you're focusing on what to do, when to do it, if they're doing what they're suppose to do.

but then your second comes along and because you're an 'ol pro, you get to sit back and spend more time just watching and getting to see the little quirks that make them who they are.

Habits, emotions, reactions that they have as an infant will often be the same through their whole life, or that's my experience these last 3 years. lol

Whenever I see photos or memories of baby Elliott all I see is my mischievous, thoughtful,  hilarious 3 year old Elli.

I am amazed at how little jealousy and how much love there is between these two already!
Elliott is so helpful with Noelle, at most he will become a little bit more cuddly with me (he's never been a cuddler) just making sure he gets enough 'mom' time in.

But he hasn't been acting out, or mean, or demanding.. he wakes up in the morning and asks to see 'his' baby.

He knows her routine and the things she likes.
He loves 'sharing' toys with her aka playing with his old baby toys.

and of course Noelle is mesmerized by her big bro, she looks at him with big doe eyes and has huge belly laughs when he acts silly.
(which he LOVES, its so cute, I try to video tape them on the down low but they always catch me)

This girl LOVES sitting up!
We tried out the Go POD this week but she was just the tiniest bit too small.

I can't wait until the exersaucer is in play though because holding this girl on my lap is all I do! She's such an observer, lives perched on my knee, back up straight and head bobbing around watching everything.

She's loving toys lately, anything ball shape is her favorite.
Who gifted me that pink apple teether and where can I get another??!
I just googled and couldn't find it but that is her very favorite so I will have to keep looking.

She is for sure my cuddler, her favorite place to nap is right on mom.

Luckily she doesn't pull that at night, she has a good sleep pattern, ever since she was a couple of weeks old she falls asleep around 9pm every. single. night.
and thank goodness because the not day napping is taxing.
but if its one or the other, I'll take the sleeping at night (in her bassinet)!

She's going to be a tall girl!

She just got her 4 month needles last week, like a little champ she barely shed a tear.
She weighed in at 13 pounds (27th percentile) and 66cm long (96th! percentile)

I look at her and I'm shocked that I have a daughter but I'm also forgetting what life was like before her.. typical parent sentence, but true!

Everything is a lot harder, nothing runs smoothly, some days I cry my eyes out and hide in the bathroom for longer than I should.. but most of the time I'm missing them when they're just sleeping upstairs.

Equal parts exhaustion and excitement  = parenting.

And that brings us up to date on the last 4 months, maybe now I will finally write about Noelle's birth story!! maybe by her first b-day....

*And I won't say if she 'completes' our family because I'm not sure yet.
I hear people say they knew, but I don't know.
how did you know?!?!?!?

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