Saturday, 7 October 2017

World Famous Nacho Dip

It hurts me a little bit to share this..
I've been hoarding this recipe to myself for a long, long time in the hopes of fooling people into thinking I am a homemaking master chef.

Alas, the time has come and I will reveal my famous secret recipe...
mainly because I already talked about it on Instagram and people keep messaging me for the info, so now I can just copy and paste this blog.

Here goes:

Easy but SO delish nacho dip!
I normally place it on an oversized tray but how cute is that little single serving??^^^

I am very much into 'use what you have on hand' so those little candy dishes (belonged to my Nanny) may have to make more appearances as appy servers. 

- tub of sour cream
- block of cream cheese
- packet of taco seasoning
- green onion
- tomato
- marble cheese

Chop all your veggies and shred the cheese.
This is not an exact science..
if you like large tomato chunks, make 'em large.
we prefer small (hopefully we don't notice we're eating tomato..) pieces.

in a bowl cream together sour cream, cream cheese and sprinkle in taco seasoning.
again, I can't stress how easy this is..
I'm not giving you exact numbers because there are none!

I try to do equal parts sour cream and cream cheese, then I add in the seasoning until the mixture turns a bit pink. and that's it!

Layer the mixture on a plate or tray.
I picked this tray up at Superstore and I specifically purchased it for when we have this dip, it has a nice little ledge all around the ends so the dip won't get pushed over the edge by a chip.

layer some mixture then cheese, tomato, green onion.
open a bag of nacho chips and add some dippable veggies to the side.

Everyone always compliments it and its such a family friendly dish because toddlers to grandma seem to like it.

Of course you can add some ground beef under there if you like!
shredded chicken!
more veggies!
its a super adaptable recipe.

Let me know if you try it! :)

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