Friday, 20 October 2017

First Impression Face Mask Friday, GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment...

I've been testing out some beauty products over on Instagram but I wanted to make sure you weren't missing out here on the bloggy so I'm popping over with the info!

I didn't think much of it when I turned to Instagram stories with a face mask sample packet in hand last week. I just thought it could be interesting to do a first impression and see if you all had any comments... turns out people commented that they really liked my 'first impression' style quick video.

so now I'm thinking every week I could try a new face mask.. I've been wanting to try a bubble face mask since forever so I will order some this week and fingers crossed they arrive.

Now, this GlamGlow firming mask first took me by surprise because it is metallic.
Straight up metallic, highlight, silver, glowy.
and I honestly LOVE that.

I am a true sucker for packaging/appearance.
If something looks pretty, drawn to it.

Second impression when I read the instructions and it said the mask was peel off.
"huh. peel??"

it didn't feel thick enough to be a peel off mask.
the consistency was definitely more 'rubbery' than I am use to, from say,  a charcoal style mask but it still didn't seem rubbery enough to peel off.

low and be hold, it took a minute to find an edge that was thick enough to start the peeling but it did come off fairly easily once I got that corner started.

I may even suggest building a small dollop like edge for easier peely starting, just make sure its fully dry before you try to remove.

Skin immediately after mask ^^^

The mask didn't seem to do much for my blemish I have above my eyebrow there.
but it didn't claim to, its not a spot treatment mask so I wasn't surprised.

Its called firming and my skin did feel 'firm'.
Not tight or dry but 'lifted' if you will. lol

I felt like my skin overall was soft but 'lifted' and also had a nice glow about it, without being harshly 'burned' as to make my rosacea stand out.

Overall rating:
I really liked this mask. ****/5

I love the pearly colour, I love the peely factor.
it didn't burn or tingle.
it left my skin feeling a little cleaner and glowy.

$24 for the size pictured above ^ there's probably only 3 or 4 uses in that tube.
$79 for the large tub, and I just cant pay that.

So the mask was good but WOW-ie is GlamGlow made from straight up gold???
why do they have to be so, so pricey??

Now that I know I like this mask I will make a point to grab extra samples or stock up on holiday packs with it included but because I'm a multi masker and need different masks at different times.
I don't think this mask did enough to justify a weekly application price tag.

Sad but true.

I think you should look for it as sample counters, put it on your Christmas wish list, maybe splurge during the VIB 20% sale (coming this November! I think.. should be November right peeps?? no dates been confirmed as of yet.) but otherwise its too rich of a regular item for me.

How about you???
do you spend when it comes to skin care?
I would not blame you if you do!

I'm pretty flexible with my own skin care products because my skin is forever changing and its not too overly sensitive so I have the luxury of switching it up.

but sometimes when you find that holy grail.. you gotta pay the price!


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