Monday, 2 October 2017

Overnight hair mask, buy or BYE..

So I stole that BUY OR BYE from Rachhloves because I'm too tired to think of something creative right now, so check out my girl >

She's Canadian, perky, talented and on the ball with content lately! Go Rachh!!

Now, overnight hair masks ($6) worth it or naw ?!
Long story short: naw.

but I truly feel like I am not the best judge of this because I am such a hair mask nut!
I use my Moroccan Oil mask at least 3 times a week, my hair is so, so healthy. too healthy, (side eye...) if we were talking in the terms of 'cleanliness'.. you could eat off this hair!

Is it easier to use a in shower hair mask?

is it less time/hassle/money/effort?
yes. yes. yes. yes.

but is that really what an overnight hair mask is about???
or is it about the fun/spa/sleepover/teenage feeling you get when you apply it?
it's totally about the spa birthday party feeling! lol

and talking about teenage sleepovers.. who the heck are these included shower caps made for?

that's my main complaint!

This overnight mask could be helpful for someone who doesn't use masks often.. because the product itself was decent, but the shower cap was WAY too small for my head!

This is a shot of my hair the day before I used the hair mask ^

This is the morning after removing the shower cap ^
my hair was a little crunchy, the lotion seemed to sink in, my hair was no longer 'wet'

This is a photo after a wash and dry ^

In the package you get a little parcel of the 'mask', it looks exactly like any generic hair conditioner, and then you get the head shower cap. (which is very cute with coconuts all over it. I love little touches like that, I was excited to keep the shower cap for future hair needs)

Apply the conditioner to mainly your ends, I piled my hair into a loose top knot bun and put the shower cap on but it would barely cover my whole bun!

I know I have a lot of hair because I had my hair extensions in at that time but still.. there are people with much more hair/bigger heads! (boooo, the cute shower cap was basically useless and NOT worth keeping)

My hair the next day felt a little heavy and my curls were definitely weighed down even after my regular wash and dry.

But all of that is to be expected I think. (I mean the weighed down, not the tiny pin head caps ;p)

I wouldn't repurchase the hair mask unless I was doing up a 'spoil yourself' birthday gift for a girlfriend or maybe a sisters sleepover spa night, something fun like that it might make a good edition to.

but as far as regular use, I much prefer 'old reliable' apply in shower hair masks.

what do y'all think??
is this a niche item??
or have I not given it a fair chance??

There are more kinds available (Rose, etc.) so I can see me trying out the whole line eventually.. but the mom in me thinks its more work than its worth, maybe just a once a year treat.

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