Monday, 29 June 2015

Let's talk about my favorite sunnies..

First off, let me say how excited I am to be cost hosting this link up with Jana and Maegen!
How excited am I??
Excited, Whoooooo!
I've always felt that sunglasses were that one accessory that never let you down,
you know what I mean?
Yes I love scarves and shoes.. but sunglasses are the spanx of the accessory world, am I right??
They cover things up and help out on those "I need a 26th cup of coffee" days.
So let me introduce you to my current fav sunnies, mind you one of many.. but I really, really like these ones.
It is my dream to have an amazing sunnies storage system like Essie Buttons, if you don't know what I'm talking about click here to see - fabulous.
Without further ado, welcome to my sunnies..
I know, so cute!
They're my favorite style of sunnie, LARGE.
They're black/brown tortoise pattern and have little teeny tiny studs along the top rim.
I picked these up at Joe Fresh and they were a whopping $19.99!
Unfortunately I can't seem to find a sunglasses section online, which is a crying shame because I order from Joe Fresh all the time and I wouldn't mind tossing an extra set of spectacles in my next order. 
None the less I will leave you with the website for browsing - Joe Fresh
because my shirt is also Joe - find it here
my pants are my very fav comfy casual Old Navy pant - Old Navy (similar)
And my necklace is - Winners!

Since we were modelling Elliott wanted to show off his Joe Fresh Sunnies, but it was extremely windy so that plan was a bust.
"Mom I love this necklace!"
So lets keep this sunnies party going and take photos with some other favorites..

Both sets of white rimmed glasses are from Ardene, I love that store for a quick accessory haul.
I picked up 3 pairs for my wedding and they were an amazing 3/$10!
*We didn't even end up using them on the big day because that day was mad hectic, but good to have them on hand ;)

The final two shades are from forever 21, they rival Joe Fresh for my favorite sunnie selection.
The price range is from $7-12 dollars and they're always so stylish and on trend.

I've owned this bottom pair (yellow & red) for 5 years and they're still one of my favorite accessories I have ever owned - $8 well spent!

Do you pay the higher price tag for brand name sunnies?
Do you stick to one set and never lose them?
Or do you hoard cheaper pairs everywhere in your house and car like me?
Then end up sitting on them and misplacing them constantly ;)
Comment below!

And link up with these lovely ladies!!
Mingle the sunnies marathon! xx

How cute are Jana and Maegen?!

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  1. Oh man. Essie Button has the BEST sunglasses storage system. Her office tour made me weak in the knees.

    As for you--you're adorable!

    1. Aww thank you Jaelan!!
      I know.. I can't even watch that video a second time because it gives me such office envy!! So beautiful:))

  2. So cute!! I love your outfit and sunnies here! :) The necklace is super super cute! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra!! Can't go wrong with a statement necklace in my opinion, I don't think I'll ever get tired of them ;)

  3. All of those sunnies look so cute on you! It's so hard to choose which one I like best! Love that necklace too :)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! :))
      I'm such a sunnie hoarder! But they go with everything! ;)

  4. I love that you modeled a few of your favorites! You look awesome in all of them. If I had the space for cool organization like Essie Button, I would hoard sunglasses too. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jana!! Xx
      I know.. Don't I wish!
      She's got the office of my dreams :)

  5. I like all of them but the first pair from Joe Fresh are particularly happenin' in my books. I too love sunglasses, they hide everything!! I can't leave the house without sunnies - ever since I had Lasek 5 years ago, my eyes are so sensitive that even in a cloudy day, I'm wearing a pair. And never anything expensive, I lose them or they get scratched or sat in (oops). I think the ones I have now around about $50 and they're from MEC.

  6. Gah they are all adorable! I purchase cheap and hoard one too many! Forever21 has never disappointed me with their sunglasses. I'll have to check out Joe Fresh's :)

  7. Those sunnies are too cute!! You look so pretty in them!


  8. Those sunnies are too cute!! You look so pretty in them!


  9. Essie knows what's up in ALL aspects of her life!!!
    As far as sunglasses goes, I'm a hoarded of cheap pairs because I love switching it up. I have a few investment pieces, but I still flock to the cheapies!
    Love your shirt and Joe Fresh!

  10. I love your whole outfit. That necklace is seriously beautiful! And each pair of sunglasses work so well!
    I only have one boring pair of sunglasses because they are prescription but would prefer a bundle of cheapies!