Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Let's talk about the secret to facing a clean house..

If you live in a house like mine Spring season is a joyful time of year. 

The sun starts shining, the windows can finally be opened, a waft of clean fresh air blows through the house..

Oh and the pet hair is shedding so rapidly it can be vacuumed straight out of the sky, literally.. 

^ Honestly that's my hubby vacuuming air. 

So when Edna wrote me asking if I would be interested in posting a piece of her blog work titled "The Secret to facing a clean house" it didn't take much arm twisting. 

Edna is a co owner of Call Cleaners, 
so I trust these tips because they have been tried and tested. 

Check out below for Edna's article and leave us some spring cleaning tips in the comments! 

*seriously any furry pet owners you know the struggle! 

Holly XOXO


The secret to facing a clean house



Keeping your house constantly clean can be a big challenge. Decluttering and organising every room can be not only exhausting, but also very tedious in certain moments. The worst things of all is that you have to lose hours in scrubbing, washing and polishing of different objects and areas of you home, just so that you have to do it again a couple of days later. Even though it seems impossible to maintain your property always in top condition, there are some tricks which could make the cleaning easier for you as well as prolong the effect of your work.


Maintaining the good order in your home will certainly require a lot of time and efforts, so it is important to try and make things as easier for you as possible. Now is the time to start planning carefully your time, so that you can get everything done after all without sacrificing your personal time. The secret to the maintaining of a clean and clutter-free home is certainly the good organisation, so don't waste any more time and get to work. The following tips from N5 CallCleaners will help you with the planning of your cleaning chores, so that you can work faster and more effectively:


• Make a schedule with your cleaning tasks – One of the best ways you can get organised is by preparing a schedule with all cleaning chores you have for the week. You can either write everything down on a piece of paper or you can also try using a special app, which you can install on your phone. Based on the free time you have, you can designate one specific cleaning task for each day of the week or you can think of some other way to distribute your chores.
• Use your time effectively – You can help yourself by simply learning to use your time more effectively. Whenever you decide to run the dishwasher in the kitchen, for instance, you can also wipe the worktops and disinfect some other areas of the room. This way you will have less things to do later and you will know that your time in the kitchen was well spent. 
• Store all of your cleaning supplies in one place – While you are looking for all of your cleaning products and other supplies you lose valuable time. You can solve this problem by simply storing all necessary materials in one place. Inspecting them regularly is another good idea. After all, you don't want to start cleaning the windows and realise that the bottle of your favourite cleaning spray is empty.
• Don't keep things you don't really need – One of the biggest mistakes we all make is to store various objects in our homes that we never use. From old clothes and shoes in the wardrobe to broken appliances and damages furniture, it is enough simply to look around and you will certainly find a lot of useless things. Except that they take valuable free space, they also make the cleaning of your home harder for you. That's why you can challenge yourself by organising a 20 minute declutter procedure for every room of your property. You will be surprised how effective this trick will be. 


Having a clean and organised house all the time won't be a dream any more. With a couple of simple but effective tips you will be able to free the different premises of your home from the grime and all unnecessary things. You will see that with a little planning you won't even feel exhausted as usual after the disinfection of the place. So, don't wait any more and start with the plans.


  1. Your husband wins the internet today for vacuuming air. :)

    1. Hahahah love it, I'm going to tell him that!
      And it should please him since I snuck this photo ;););)

  2. Thank you for these reminders. Even just keeping all the stuff in the same location helps!

    1. Yes it does! I am terrible at it but once I read others tips it motivates me :))

  3. I am having to work on that last one! We are getting ready to move and I keep telling myself not to hang onto things, but it's so hard sometimes. There are always those what ifs. Great list and hilarious photo by the way.

    1. Oh it so hard Natalie!
      I am the queen of "but it might come in handy..."
      95% of the things never get used but that one thing I toss always seems to be the thing I need!

      So excited for your move! Hope it all goes smoothly, keep us posted! :))

  4. It's so hard to keep a house organized and clean with two small kids! I should just wait until they are grown and out of the house...LOL!

  5. All great tips! Having 3 dogs and 2 young kids, I am always having to clean something it seems!

  6. A schedule is totally my saving grace when it comes to cleaning! Gotta have it! And I agree with not keeping superfluous items, they just get in the way and give you more to clean!
    And I love the picture! :D

  7. Great tips! Totally understand vacuuming pet hair all the time even in the air - ha!

  8. Rosie sheds EVERYWHERE and it is such a pain to keep her fur under control. We definitely have some tips and tricks that have helped, but now that she has a back yard to play in; you can bet she's outside and not shedding on the couch!

  9. I am a neat freak, so our house is pretty tidy... but the fur... THE FUR!!! Is maddening. Two dogs and a cat mean it's everywhere!

  10. Thank you for the tips. Very well summed up :)