Friday, 19 June 2015

Let's talk about shopping favorites and a haul...

I've said it before and I will say it again...
If I had to pick my top three clothing stores and was only able to shop at those 3 for the rest of my life - done, done and done.
In no particular order.. because I truly could not pick.
- H&M
- Joe Fresh
- Gap (and its sister store Old Navy on occasion only because they provide ankle pant lengths)
I subscribe to a lot of email lists but those are the stores I really pay attention to when I hear that email ping!
My style is very relaxed, simple and easy, peasy, breezy you know what I'm saying.
Ex - 
Day at home: a plain oversized T, with leggings and my hair in a bun = perfection!
The next day, oops I've got some errands to run, lunch with girlfriends and then a movie with Nick...
That same plain T, tucked in loosely at the waist to these adorable Pixie pants ( I own like, 5 pairs of these!) statement necklace and a bit of lipstick.
Super chic yet super comfy, and almost no effort was made.
(but it looks like effort was made!)
(I may have lied about the same t shirt part, if you own kids or maybe animals you know to pick up multiples of clothing items because ain't no way you can wear something two days in a row without.. crusties stuck to it...)
Its been rather chilly here in Newfoundland so I've been getting away with wearing a lot of sweaters... Yeah its been that chilly.
Then we finally had a toasty day!! Whoooo hoooo and I roasted my butt off!
I have a few maxi dresses but I really needed some easy pieces for everyday.
Yes, PING! Joe Fresh email 25% off.
See the results of my haul..
These photos are nothing special just me testing out my new gear :)
(Ok the blue is a bit hospital gownish but with a major statement necklace... picture it)



Also shorts...
Ughhh when your leg to waist ratio is as mine, shorts are the worst!
I found the above shorts at Target last summer and I really loved how they were a bit loose but not too bulky and they didn't do that uncomfortable one leg riding up thing..

I found a similar pair at Joe and picked them up too!
Here's the link who likes short, shorts??

Happy Shopping!! XO


  1. I love Joe Fresh!! They have amazing sales and they're kids clothes are the cutest! I hate shopping for shorts, unfortunately that's one thing I need to do asap, pray for me lol!

    1. Me too!! If I could only shop there for the entire family for the rest of our lives I would be totally ok with it :))

      They're one of the only really stylish stores for boys that are still reasonably priced! And the little girls section, don't even get me started I just drool over everything.

      My thoughts go out to you!! The shorts struggle ;)

  2. I love Old Navy's Pixie pants! And, like you I love H& weakness is when their email hits my inbox. I got one yesterday and now I have three shirts en route to me. My husband is going to kill me LOLOLOL

    1. Hahaha I try to get to the mail before my hubby all the time!!!
      What he doesn't know won't hurt him in the shopping department ;)

      You need to blog what you get :))
      Pixie pants are so great, my favorite old navy staple

  3. I love loose, comfy shirts, pretty much my mom outfit, lol. I have the same style in like, 6 colors, because I hear ya on the ain't-no-way-I'm-able-to-wear-something-two-days-in-a-row.

  4. I'm totally with you on The Gap and H&M, but we don't have a Joe Fresh. My third store would have to be J. Crew. Although it's a little pricey, the quality is good and the fit too.

  5. I love H&M! They always have great quality clothes and they're always more fashion forward than other retail stores.

  6. I love wearing large shirts with leggings. I can't wait for winter to start back up so I can over sized sweaters with leggings and my riding boots. It's my signature winter style lol

  7. When I find something I love or looks great, I buy multiples as well. :)

    I'm kinda sad target left... No more target for us. :(

    1. Ugh I was targets #1 fan! So shocked they couldn't make it here :(
      Multiples are the way to go ;)