Thursday, 2 July 2015

Let's blush.. I mean talk about Nars..

If we are talking about Nars I know certain blush *cough* this Nars Blush seems to get a lot of attention, but personally I never really jumped on the Nars blush bandwagon.
I did do my research and ended up purchasing this one because it seemed to be more highly recommended for the fairest of skin humans aka my ghostly self.
I like it but I don't LOVE it, honestly it doesn't get used very often.
If I was recommending a blush brand that I love and could hit pan on I would probably go for the Tarte Amazonian Clay, man that blush is good! 
Its soft, creamy, pigmented.... and its also neither here nor there because this post is all about Nars!
Long story short my friend Sara of Girl Met Blush got me hooked on the Nars train with this favorites video.
I saw that Christopher Kane for Nars hot pink pop and I had to have it!
While I was there (Sephora) I got all down and Nars-y with my bad self and here's the outcome - Enjoy ;)
Nars Starscape blush - blush  
(This was a limited edition, and I know I'm going to win most hated blogger for this but it seems to have been discontinued already! I went online the day after it arrived to find the link and its not there. Please don't let that discourage! #FINDTHATBLUSH and let me know if you do!)
Nars tinted moisturizer - 19.99 Sephora
Nars Sharpener - 8.50 Sephora
No regrets here, I really needed a dual sized sharpener and this hit the mark!
Plus cute lid - check!

The tinted moisturizer, hmmm still on the fence (see video for more)
I should've known before I purchased..
Moisturizer, SPF and tint does not make for the most gentle of combos on my sensitive rosacea prone skin.
I was hoping for more of a moisturizer and less of a SPF for this one, the way its worded online I thought that was what I would get but once it arrived I realized its more about the SPF.
I am not returning, but buyer beware sensitive or redness prone cheeks this may not be the best for you.

Now the big mama!!
I love this blush and it has made me more opened minded to Nars blushes in general.
Its soft, creamy and buildable; I love that there's no glitter/sparkle totally not necessary.
It's perfection applied to the lower cheek bone and pops with just a swipe of highlight above, I've been obsessively using this highlight.
Yup I jumped on the Becca bandwagon, haters gon' hate.

Will be using this blush all summer, maybe I missed the memo that states neon blush is HOT HOT HOT right now but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's HOT.
I've noticed a lot of my beauty emails have been focusing on neon cheeks!

So check that out and report back please..
is it still available??
is there a dupe I can promote??
do you buy into the Nars blush hype???
tell, tell : )

See my video (work in progress Youtuber) below!
Also a added hair tutorial??! yup.


  1. I haven't really jumped on the Nars bandwagon either and as far as blush goes, I'm in the same red skin boat as you and have never needed blush. However I am a huge Tarte girl and Benefit is my fav! I might have to check out this blush though--I love me some neon! :)

    1. Tarte for the win! ;))
      Oooh what's your favourite benefit products?? I love them too but haven't had a chance to browse much of their collection yet :)

  2. That blush... seriously... THAT BLUSH!

  3. I have the tinted moisturizer too and as you I'm on the fence. I've been using it over a year (probs 2), and some days it looks super awesome and then other days it's just NO. I find that it oxidizes so much on my face and looks orangey. I'm the 2nd lightest shade which surprised me.

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru